Student Zone

Student SME Memberships

Student SME members can benefit greatly from the many resources that the society provides to further their education in manufacturing and help launch their careers.  In addition, SME offers student memberships at deeply discounted prices with the same benefits that full members receive!

Click here to go to the Student Zone on the SME International Website to join SME and get the latest news for the next generations of manufacturing engineers. 

Once you become an official member, get involved in one of the local SME student chapters!  More details are provided below.

Southern Polytechnic State University Student Chapter

Contact Dr. Simin Nasseri for information:

Phone: (678) 915-7420

Georgia Tech Student Chapter


Contact Dr. Christopher (Chris) J. Saldana for information:

Phone: 404-385-3735

Georgia BEST Competition

The BEST (Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology) competition motivates middle and high school students by challenging them to build a remotely controlled robot that accomplishes defined tasks within a competitive setting. Using only the materials provided by Georgia BEST, students have six weeks to design, develop, and test a robot that can outperform their competitors. During this time, the students experience the same problems, challenges, and breakthroughs that an engineering team encounters when it takes a product to market. In both cases, there are team dynamics, time constraints, material constraints, and pressure from other teams who are trying to solve the same problem. Placed in a real situation, with real problems, the students provide real (and not surprisingly) ingenious solutions. The weeks of hard work culminate in a thrilling daylong competition where one team achieves "BEST" performance. The inspiring event combines the excitement of a high school football game with the strategy of a chess match and the intellectual challenge of a science fair. The heart of BEST is the experience of solving a seemingly overwhelming task using simple engineering methods and old-fashioned teamwork. Thanks to this experience, students who participate in BEST are better prepared to meet the challenges of the Technology Age. Visit the BEST website at for additional information.

First Robotics Competition

SME also encourages participation in the longer running FIRST Robotics competition. The FIRST Robotics Competition challenges teams of young people and their mentors to solve a common problem in a six-week timeframe using a standard "kit of parts" and a common set of rules. Teams build robots from the parts and enter them into competitions designed by Dean Kamen, Dr. Woodie Flowers, and a committee of engineers and other professionals. Watch for unfolding details of upcoming competition opportunities. This organization continues to create new programs to support its purpose, to “inspire in young people, their schools and communities an appreciation of science and technology, and of how mastering these can enrich the lives of all.”