Climbing Kilimanjaro via Shira Route

By Delanna Hudson posted 03-22-2014 12:17


The Shira trail is one of the longest Mount Kilimanjaro hike routes that start from western side.  In addition to the additional route initial at this point is the Lemosho Route.

Those routes in cooperation to cross the Shira Plateau earlier than joining the Machame Route close to the "Lava Tower".

Shira Route is not the cheapest choice

  • Initially your hike on the western side means paying for additional transportation.


  • By means of a longer trail, paying for an additional day on Mount Kilimanjaro.



  • In addition to mountaineering a less trafficked route means high prices because of less fight from budget tour operators.


  • On the advantage side a longer route means an improved possibility to acclimatize to the altitude and improved summit probability. The information that you are expected to hike this route with a excellence Kilimanjaro tour operator as well means your accomplishment chances are a large amount better opportunity rather than average.


  • If your operator has urbanized your route in a technique that avoids the huge traffic surges on the Machame trail .you be supposed to have a huge climb all the way, on one of the main scenic routes, not including of the crowds that pestilence the popular trails.


  • There is one obsession regarding the Shira Route that sets it separately from every other Kilimanjaro climb routes: the first section of it is a 4WD track. It is likely to make up a fair way and start your trek at a significant altitude.


  • If you are an important person who lives at sea level and try to compress in a Kilimanjaro climb, taking merely one week off from the office, then this may well trip you up.


  • Other than for most people it won't be a matter by any means. but you had a day or two in Marangu, or else have complete some other mountaineering and acclimatization in advance then you won't have several troubles still with this rapid start.


  • Immediately attention because we identify people perform to squeeze climbs into one week and doing cost cutting anywhere possible like the cost for one more night in Marangu or Moshi route .