2014 INDY 500: A year of transition

By Earl Gregorich posted 06-05-2014 23:04

STEPHEN J. MRAZ | Senior Editor

The design of the cars is slowly being upgraded and standardized in pursuit of higher speeds while keeping safety paramount.
The 2014 IndyCar racing season is one of transition. Officials are checking on past changes, making some new ones to the chassis and engines, and getting ready for aerokits that could reduce drag and (hopefully) bump up speeds. They are also monitoring their only tire supplier, Firestone (a subsidiary of Bridgestone), to see if the tires will continue to stay ahead of the curve.
The transition is aimed at the 2016 race, the Indy’s 500 100th running. That’s the season in which officials hope at least one racer sets a new speed record for the four-lap qualifying runs. The current record, 236.986 mph, was set by Arie Luyendyck in 1996. Officials and teams see higher speeds as a surefire way to increase interest in IndyCar racing.   Read More...