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NFC in a manufacturing environments

By Edward Ortiz posted 07-01-2014 14:37

Near field communication (NFC) devices are all around us.
NFC can improve upon bar-codes and so much more.

NFC can simplify data collection in process monitoring and inventory.
Smart phones, tablets, and personal computers have NFC hardware either built in or available at a low cost.
Passive NFC tags can be purchase for a very low cost and are reusable.
So why aren't we using this technology? Seriously. I can't find any info on someone even trying.
I am so convinced that NFC should have a home in manufacturing that I am writing a few windows programs to test this out in a machine shop. So maybe it won't work in every scenario I can imagine but I cannot help but wonder and this curiosity is great enough that I will have to try. I will be wiser for the wear if nothing else. Lucky for me I have a very forward thinking CEO. Should be fun!