Part Sorting: Introducing Good Parts Back into Production

By Jesse Garant posted 07-27-2017 13:29


DEARBORN, MI – Jul 28, 2017 – Identifying and isolating parts that fail to meet stringent quality standards shouldn’t be an uncertain process. Part sorting with digital radiography provides definitive results, takes less time than traditional testing, and can reveal internal defects nondestructively. With this method, manufacturers can quickly identify and remove suspect parts from a lot and reintroduce quality parts back into production.

Third party inspection labs are an effective option for part sorting when in-house testing proves unsuccessful or when manufacturers simply do not have the time nor resources to conduct proper testing. These labs provide a cost-effective solution that can help reduce waste and give manufacturers the confidence to move a project forward.

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Quality Engineers at Jesse Garant Metrology Center performing part sorting with digital radiography

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