Mfg. Engineer Skills Matrix

By Rufo Sanchez posted 18 days ago

I'm in the process of developing MEs and looking for a skills Matrix to leverage.
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We have a comprehensive system called "MESAS" which stands for Manufacturing Engineering Skills Assessment Sheet

It grew into a huge database of the Manufacturing Engineering Function for Rolls-Royce and is shortly to be replaced by a consolidated Manufacturing Engineering Competency Assessment in our HR "app" Workday. 

Essentially, MESAS encompassed five major competency areas;
  • (Manufacturing) Capability Acquisition, which for us is a gated "Manuf. Capability Readiness Level" system of adopting technology for production.
  • New Product Introduction (using APQP etc) 
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Technical Governance & Controls
  • Manufacturing Systems

Each of these have sub-competencies such as;

Technical Governance & Controls;
  • Ability to assess competencies (conduct a MESAS audit of personnel)
  • Ability to recommend staff for approval/authorization and stamps
  • Ability to approve staff for the above approvals/authorizations and stamps

New Product Introduction; 
  • Ability to prepare & issue process flows
  • Ability to prepare & issue PFMEAs 
  • Ability to approve on behalf of manufacturing, the product definition.

Generic Processes;
  • Levels 1-4 in any given process... i.e. Machining
  • Level 1 - Fundamentals of the process
  • Level 2 - Competent /SQEP person with the correct training and experience to operate unsupervised but often approved by Level 3 etc.
  • Level 3 - Management grade understanding of the process (often a process owner at factory level etc) - Can approve work-cards etc
  • Level 4 - Subject matter expert - often supported by world-experts from outside the company, this global process owner level is typically a time served engineer with extensive training and experience whom can instruct and educate levels 1-3

This system was quantitatively based - i.e. each "delegation" or "level" corresponds to a numeric value which can be analysed at a team, plant, business unit and company level to give an indication of actual experience, training and delegation across the entire organisation from only a few clicks which - in many organisations is quite a difficult summary to attain! 

I think unfortunately, the deeper you go, the less value you can really obtain from such a study. 

That being said, to understand the skills of your teams is essential, and should form part of how you (and they!) choose to develop. 

I've found with my limited use of the software before it's retirement that, once you fully grasp it, it's invaluable - but keep it stupidly simple! 

Hope that's helpful, and not too late to help (given you posted 18 days ago!)