Recent Events

February 2017: Flinchbaugh Engineering Inc, Tour

FLINCHBAUGH ENGINEERING, INC. is an employee-owned contract manufacturing company located in York, Pennsylvania, that has helped major global clients reduce manufacturing costs for precision machine products for nearly 40 years.

FEI supplies precision machining of critical components for capital goods end markets including: heavy equipment, transportation and energy.

The Flinchbaugh Engineering campus includes four buildings; three with 35,000 to 45,000 square feet each of active manufacturing, one that serves as a finished goods warehouse.  The facility is operated by 190 owners/associates, which include over 100 CNC machine tools.

The tour featured all three of the manufacturing buildings of the FLINCHBAUGH ENGINEERING, INC campus.



The meeting was attended by 21 people. 


January 2017 Meeting: S. Morgan Smith Presentation

Our January 2017 program featured an overview of the incredible life of S. Morgan Smith.  


S. Morgan Smith began life as a farm boy in North Carolina, trained and served as a minister in the Moravian Church, and enlisted as a chaplain in the Union Army. 

He became an inventor and arguably the leading industrialist in the history of York County. Five existing companies in

York, with more than a combined 2,000 employees, trace their roots to the efforts of S. Morgan Smith.

Our presenter, The Rev. Dr. Stephen Nicholas Jr., is a retired Moravian Minister, a member of First Moravian Church

in York where S. Morgan Smith served as pastor during the Civil War years, and is a distant relative of Smith. Steve

served Moravian churches as pastor for forty-one years at locations in Ohio, New York City, Pennsylvania and the

Maryland suburbs of D.C. He and his wife, Kathleen, a registered nurse, both retired in 2007 and moved to their pre-
sent home in Haines Acres.

Steve is the author of two books, including the just published “Re-inventing the Wheel, the Incredible Story of S. Morgan Smith, Minister, Inventor, Industrialist.”

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