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SME Launches #MFGis Campaign to Showcase Truths, Technologies and Good Times in Manufacturing

Interactive movement to create awareness of career opportunities, dispel industry myths

(DEARBORN, Mich., Oct. 30, 2014) – SME, an organization dedicated to supporting manufacturing through training, events, media and membership, today announced #MFGis, an awareness campaign to help students, educators, professionals and companies tell their stories of “what manufacturing is” through storytelling, social media and multimedia. 

The #MFGis campaign allows individuals and organizations to share compelling stories of how manufacturing has impacted their lives; or what manufacturing means to them. SME welcomes submissions about career and education experiences, family and company stories, and new technologies in manufacturing.

“Manufacturing is high-tech, innovative and an amazing career opportunity,” said Wayne Frost, chief executive officer of SME. “Those of us who have been part of the industry know that, and through #MFGis, SME has created a new forum to tell manufacturing stories, dispel stereotypes and create awareness of the lucrative careers that are available.”

#MFGis has launched with the theme “#MFGis generational” and features Rodney Grover, an SME Education Foundation staff member who has been involved in the manufacturing industry since the age of 12. Through #MFGis, Grover, a third-generation manufacturing professional, told how his grandfather and father inspired him to pursue a career in manufacturing, and how he hopes to have passed that passion and inspiration onto his two children.

“I hope my story — and that of my family — can help demonstrate the importance of our industry to the next generation, and show the many opportunities a career in manufacturing can lead to,” said Grover. “Manufacturing, to me, is about generations. So much of manufacturing production is taking place in small shops, just like the one I grew up in.”

View Rodney Grover’s story.

Each quarter, SME will announce new themes or topics for story submissions and is rolling out this campaign with the following:

  • #MFGis … educational.
  • #MFGis … fun.
  • #MFGis … generational.

More information and criteria for submission can be found at sme.org/mfgis.

Contributed by: Deborah Robbins, SME Staff and SME Member Since 2006    Follow me on Twitter @drmfgsme


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