September 2016

Monthly Meeting

Tour of

Weiser Engineering

5905 Lamar Street

Arvada, CO

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Weiser Engineering provides complete solutions by offering a full range of metal fabrication capabilities as well as design services for manufacture and assembly.  Operating out of a new 30,000 square foot facility in Arvada, Colorado, Weiser Engineering serves a wide variety of companies and industries. They help to ensure and maintain quality from the very first piece, by using only certified materials, along with completely computer controlled equipment. Projects are tracked from start to finish using state-of-the art bar coding system. Full-time engineers provide the design support you need, and the knowledge and experience to help foresee and avoid potential hazards throughout production as well.


Weiser Engineering’s focus is on growing their business by offering clients the finest customer service available. They take the time to understand different industries, establish close working ties with customers and anticipate their needs. Once a relationship has been established, Weiser is able to provide the engineering, manufacturing and logistical support that together can deliver a complete solution.  Their largest clients have been with them for over 10 years, proving that long term relationships based on mutual benefits, a win/win approach and open communication, strengthen their business year after year.


Weiser Engineering has been a fixture in the Colorado business community, creating customer value since their founding in 1989. In the ensuing years, the business evolved from a machine shop to a full service metal fabrication business. Today, the business continues to be family owned and managed, serving the needs of customers locally and nationally.