May 2016

From the Chair - Back to the Future

This month, SME Member Dean Phillips asks “what are you doing to take SME BACK TO THE FUTURE?” 

I have only been a member since 2011 so I have only seen the presentations and tours.  However, in talking with some of the guys who have been around a while SME used to offer a quite a bit more.  Maybe our future could be better by going back to some of the things we once offered as a chapter.

Have you checked out the online training and testing that is available?  SME member Jon McClure is currently studying for the SME Certified Manufacturing Engineer (CMfgE) test.  Excellent addition to his resume.  ( )  Did you know that Chapter 354 offered Geometric Tolerancing and Dimensional Training in 2015?  Did you know that Tooling U offers a FREE trial customized from over 500 classes just for you?  ( )

Are you using SME Connect?  (  There you will find a Discussion board, a plethora of job openings and even listings of Internships.  No extra charge, included with your dues!

A few weeks ago Chapter 354’s Chuck Otoupalik and Bill Faulkner judged the 61st Colorado State Science and Engineering Fair and awarded $450 was awarded to three prize winners in the 9th and 11th grades.  The projects were a Martian Rover, Rocket Engine Nozzle, and a HD 3D printer.  Are there other events that feature the engineering work of students that we should be supporting?

I’ve touched on what SME can do for you, how about what you can give back?  Ever thought about being a mentor to a student?  The SME Mentor Program connects high school students with industry professionals who can offer their assistance with career-building, educational advice, goal setting and more. Mentors and mentees are matched so that their interaction can begin taking place. SME is always seeking more mentors to get involved and support this program, so please apply if you’re interested. (  And let us, the chapter, know you did!

In closing, we at Chapter 354 are members involved in a myriad of activities, what have I missed?  What are you a part of?  What would you like to be a part of?  What/where/why should be our Chapter’s direction for the next few years?

Mike Sickenger
Chapter Chairman
SME Chapter 354

Quote of the Month:

Whether through a plant tour, event or some other face-to-face opportunity, connections, bonds and friendships are formed; the value of which can’t be measured or quantified. In many cases, you don’t know when and how those connections might pay off, but at some point, they will. I continue to be amazed at how often I’m able to utilize my network of contacts to solve a problem at work. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, time after time.

Glenn Mattsson | Technical Program Manager | Apple Inc. | SME Member Since 2010