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Additive Manufacturing Community  

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Manufacturing Education & Research Community  

The areas of manufacturing research and education are inherently linked through the Manufacturing Education & Research Community. This community focuses on educational aspects, including careers, educational opportunities, excellence in academic programs and professional credentialing, that specifically address the diverse needs of manufacturing enterprises. In the research area, the community includes both basic and applied research in areas of materials, manufacturing processes, including material forming and material removal and manufacturing systems.
Our goal is to motivate, engage, enable and promote SME members through education, training, research, publishing, recognition and professional growth, thereby promoting the manufacturing engineering profession as a whole. To assist our members in achieving their goals, the MER Community provides information and activities related to manufacturing education and research, including the state of the art, resource materials, current trends and future needs.

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Plastics, Composites & Coatings Community  

The Plastics, Composites & Coatings Community is SME's home for engineers and manufacturing professionals involved in manufacturing processes of plastics, composites, and additive finishing and coatings technology. The PCC Community offers opportunities for SME members with like interests to connect, learn from one another and collaborate to further manufacturing knowledge and education.

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Product & Process Design and Mgmt Community  

The Product & Process Design and Management Community coordinates efforts of technical groups that discuss, explore and advance ideas related to the design and management of products and processes. It also connects you to additional lean-related groups and resources.

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