Founded in 2014, the Clemson University student chapter of SME provides students with a look into the world of manufacturing through monthly plant tours and monthly speakers. We're a great way to see what a career in manufacturing looks like and make connections to find that perfect internship or first job! Our main goal is to provide you with connections in the popular field of manufacturing with our network in Charleston and across the country.



Are you a Clemson student interested in joining?

1. Join national SME here: http://www.sme.org/studentzone/ 


Matthew Carter

Vice President
Robert Johnson

Mason Galloway

Faculty Advisor
Hongseok Choi


We work with a number of other organizations to bring our members even insight into the world of manufacturing.  Check out some of our partners:

Greater Charleston Chapter 430

SME's Greater Charleston chapter is our sponsoring professional chapter. They are incredibly supportive and have helped us out a lot with setting up and growing our chapter and providing us with contacts in the manufacturing industry. They are also an award winning chapter and very involved. Check out what they're doing and if you're ever in Charleston feel free to connect with them and maybe join them for a meeting or tour!

Lowcountry Graduate Center (LGC)

The Lowcountry Graduate Center (LGC) collaborates with many South Carolina higher education institutions (including Clemson) to provide convenient access to graduate programs in the Charleston area.  We have partnered with the LGC to provide a greater diversity of speakers to our members. We video stream our meetings to the LGC so their members can learn about some of the great things happening in the upstate. Similarly, the LGC sets up at least one speaker a year so that our members can learn more about what is going on in Charleston. The South Carolina Lowcountry and Upstate are both thriving manufacturing areas and this is a partnership about which we are very excited!  Learn more about LGC here: http://www.lowcountrygradcenter.org/


Questions? Comments?
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The Clemson SME chapter shall promote manufacturing through organized study, research, and discussion of the professional area and the dissemination of knowledge thereby gained. We will also promote membership in SME by introducing the ideas, purposes, and objectives of SME to the student body and surrounding community.

Also, a special thanks to Charleston chapter, who sponsored us. Their website can be found here: ​http://connect.sme.org/c430


Clemson SME is a professional organization devoted to promoting manufacturing within the student body of Clemson University as well as in the surrounding community. We host professional speakers associated with the manufacturing industry, organize plant tours for Clemson SME members, and attend conferences and other professional events in order to network and engage with individuals associated with or interested in the manufacturing field.