High School Mentor

High School Mentor Role

A - Advise. Advise and provide direction and leadership in a proactive and positive way

I - Inspire. Inspire and encourage the high school mentee to accomplish their objectives

M - Manage. Manage the relationship. Establish the agenda and dates for the meetings, and inspire 



  • SME Member or Industry Leader
  • Currently employed, retired, teaching or knowledge of the manufacturing industry
  • Registered with SME as a qualified mentor
  • Clear the national background check process
Mentor promises to:
  • Complete your Mentor profile
  • Attend a Mentor Program orientation webinar
  • Connect with the mentee monthly virtually- schedule meetings to be mutually agreed upon
  • Inspire, advise, monitor, and report the relationship progress
  • Establish the student mentee's goals and expectations and to measure the progress
  • Be patient and build a trust
  • Be sensitive to life situations (i.e. class, health issues, family, culture)
  • Respect the mentee’s time (i.e keep appointments, be on time)
  • Actively participate in the relationship
  • Complete an exit interview to rate your experience and the program overall
  • Provide ideas and suggestions to the staff to help the program continuously improve

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1. How much of my time will this really take?

To be a mentor in this program will require a minimum of two hours a month for six months.

2. How do I know if I’m qualified to be a mentor?

The qualifications are to have the ability, time and knowledge of manufacturing topics and careers.  In addition, you must fill out the mentor application, pass the background checks, and complete your profile, to be ready to become a high school student mentor. 

3. What is the commitment of the mentor? 

The commitment timeframe is 5 to 6 months, with a minimum of one meeting per month for at least an hour each.

4. Is there travel expected?

There is no travel as this is a virtual only program.

5. Is there specific knowledge and/or education criteria to be a mentor? 

There are no criteria for education or knowledge.  You must have manufacturing education and/or experience and a passion for teaching/mentoring on topics as outlined in the program

 6. What are the electronic connection requirements? 

The electronic requirements are virtual means.  It is highly recommended to connect via Skype, VIber, or Facetime, at least three times during the 6 month timeframe.  Face to face time is always best.  Email and/or text are also ok. 

7. Are there public presentations, or private one on one?

The relationship is based on a one on one contact with goals and objectives from the mentee.  The expectation is that the mentor will help the mentee achieve thier goals and objectives by developing monthly agendas during the first meeting.

8. Are there performance audits or a governing body?

SME will send out monthly check in emails.  This gives both the mentor and mentee the opportunity to measure the performance and that of the mentor/mentee.  In additions, there is a survey sent to all participants including the faculty in May.  The governing body for the program is a Member Council Task Group. 

9. Are there participation expectations (minimum requirements)?  

Yes, meet at least one time a month virtually with at least three of these meeting settings being Facetime,Skype, or Viber and the meeting duration at least one hour.   The mentor sets up the first meeting once the mentee connects with them via SME Connect. The first meeting is to get an understanding of the mentee's goals and objectives.  During this meeting you will set future meeting dates and agenda topics.  Subsequent meetings will be led by the mentee. 

10. Are there language requirements?  

The program is only being offered in the United States and English is the generally accepted language.  If the mentee has specific requirements the teachers will contact SME so we can make the best match.

11. What about time zones?  

Time zones and meeting times should be discussed in the intial meeting.  This is a nation-wide program so time zones will vary. 

12. What is the duration of mentorship?

The duration for the High School Mentor program is from September when the mentees will begin to match to a mentor with the first meetings taking place in October or November. The program will end on June 30th.

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