Professional Mentor

Getting Started as a Mentor

Welcome! The SME Professional Mentor Program is a unique online networking tool to help foster professional and career development. To begin, please follow the steps outlined below. 

How to Participate


Update your general profile contact information, add a recent professional profile picture, expand your bio and import education and job history information from LinkedIn.


A complete and accurate profile, including "specialty" criteria, is critical for the selection and match to a mentee. Make selections for each of the program criteria questions. This will set your mentor profile preferences. Mentees will use this information to search for you. Scroll down to select your available start/end dates and specialty areas. These field are required to complete your enrollment. You can view your selections anytime under your mentor profile tab, dimply click on the "profile" tab and drop-down menu to select "Mentor Profile." Once complete, simply return back to this page and move to Step 3. 


Match to a mentee click search. You will be asked to select mentee search criteria (this may be similar to your mentor profile.) Click "Find a Mentee" for a list of mentees to appear. View the mentee profile by clicking on the hyperlink/name to view. When you find a mentee, while in their profile, select under their picture, "mentee request." This will automatically send an email request to the mentee. If the selection is not a match, simply select the back button to return to the previous search results and continue to view profiles. Note that mentees can also search for you to mentor them and will follow a similar search and email process.


Congratulations! You completed steps 1-3 and are now ready for the fun stuff. Let the mentoring begin. You can contact the mentee directly anytime using the email in their contact information. It is also located in their profile.


If you have any questions about our mentor program, please email