Past Conference - 2016

SME SV Annual Conference 2016

What's It All About?

Manufacturing and product design are changing at an astounding rate. Nowhere is the speed more evident than in the Silicon Valley. The impact of the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing, and robotics is huge, and we are just at the beginning. The influence of the digital revolution is impacting our daily lives as well as a myriad of industries.

  • Medical robotics growth, innovation, and development of surgical tools continues to improve patient outcomes.
  • Cancer treatments through automation are more precise than ever before.
  • 3D bioprinting is emerging in the medical field and offers potential for new organs.
  • IoT provides the link between data and devices to the Internet that can ultimately reduce downtime and improve quality in manufacturing.
  • Integrated software tools, 3D printing, and robotics have continued to develop and merge together to reduce costs, keeping more jobs in the US.

You are invited to attend a one-day SME annual conference on Transforming the Future - IoT, 3D Printing, and Robotics.

  • Enjoy interactions with 3D Printing, robotics, and laser equipment.
  • Explore opportunities for career development, and attend our Career Fair.

This conference is held in collaboration with the Design-2-Part Show with the SME North Bay and SME Sacramento chapters. Other local organizations that support SME include IEEE-SCV-CPMT, IEEE SFBA-RAS,  IEEE-SCV-CE, ASME-SCVS, ASQ Northern CA Biomedical Division, Bio2Device Group, IISE SV/BA, SJSU BMES, SWE-SCV, SVEC, San Jose State University, Laney College, and DeAnza College. For additional information, contact Conference Chair, Joanne Moody

Who Should Attend?

  • R&D, product development engineers, "makers,” designers, manufacturing professionals, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, technologists, manufacturing engineers, and managers.
  • Students and professionals seeking employment opportunities and career growth. We have companies attending the conference who are currently hiring.
  • High School Students between 13 and 18 years of age can register with a special educational promo code HIGHSCHOOL2016 to access a $39 student ticket and a special ticket for your guardian or teacher.  Please bring an id with you to the conference.





7:30 - 8:30 am - Registration, Breakfast and Networking (30 min)

Morning Session (8:30 - 12:00 pm)

8:30 - 8:45 am - Welcome and Opening (15 min)

JoAnne Moody - 2016 Conference Chair, SME Silicon Valley Chapter 98, Zeta Scientific LLC
Bill Browne - 2016 Master of Ceremonies - Director of Operations and Economic Development, MANEX

8:45 - 9:20 am - Opening Keynote: Innovation and Development in Medical Robotics (35 min)

Sal Brogna - Executive VP of Product Operations, Intuitive Surgical

9:20 - 9:55 am - Presentation: The Evolution of Radiation Therapy using Robotics and Automation (35 min)

Steve Mohr - Senior Mechanical Engineer, Varian Medical Systems

9:55 - 10:20 am - Morning Break - (25 min)

10:20 - 11:10 am - IoT in Manufacturing/the Medical Industry - Panel Discussion (50 min)

What are the challenges of IoT?

Alex Blanter - Partner, A.T. Kearney, Inc., Moderator
Michael Keer - Founder & CEO, Product Realization Group
Lisa Gregerson - Director Support Services, Neato Robotics
Greg Matter - Executive VP, JLL

11:10 - 12:00 pm - 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing - Panel Discussion (50 min)

What is new and novel in 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing?

Mark Brinkerhoff - President, Fusion Design, Moderator
Monica Moya, PhD - Research Engineer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Jeffrey Christian - CEO, Phoenix DeVentures Inc.
Andrew Rutter- Founder and CTO, Type A Machines

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm - Lunch Break

Design-2-Part Tour, Technology Demonstrations and Sponsor Interactions (Lunch included)

Note: Interactive 3D Printing, Laser, and Robotics demonstrations available at the conference

Afternoon Session (1:30 - 4:00 pm)

1:30 - 2:00 pm - Spotlight on Innovation (30 min)

This session provides five exciting lighting round of team-based 5-minute presentations on the following topics:

  • Composite Additive Manufacturing
  • Educational Robotics
  • Power Electronics & Energy Harvesting Enable IoT
  • Predictive Analytics for Manufacturers

Peter Hoffman - VP of Sales & Marketing, R.M. Hoffman, Moderator
Riley Reese - Cofounder,Engineering, Arevo Labs
Rick Riccardi - Systems and Product Engineer, Westmont and Prospect High School Robotics
Brian Zahnstecher - Principal, PowerRox LLC
Ali Taheri - President and CEO, Imantics

2:00 - 2:50 pm - Robotics and Automation - Panel Discussion (50 min)

What are trends in robotics and automation in manufacturing?

Bill Browne - Director of Operations and Economic Development, MANEX, Moderator
Mark Brosius - Sr Director, NPI I&A Engineering, Intuitive Surgical
Andra Keay - Managing Director, Silicon Valley Robotics

2:50 - 3:15 pm – Break  (25 min)

3:15 - 3:45 pm – SME Career and Workforce Development Opportunities - Panel Discussion (30 min)

Kevin Gregerson - Senior Technical Laser Applications Consultant, Electro Imaging Systems Inc., SME Chair, Moderator
Mark Martin, PhD - Regional Director of Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Development, CA Community College
Wendy Dillingham-Plew - Career Technical Education Specialist, California Teachers Association
Bill Browne - Director of Operations and Economic Development, MANEX

3:45 - 4:15 pm – Closing Keynote:  The Future of Autonomous Systems: from Driverless Cars to Space Robots (30 min)

          Dr. Marco Pavone - Assistant Professor, Stanford University

4:15 - 6:00 pm – Reception, Career Fair and Raffle (105 min)

Career Fair

Meet local employers who are looking for talented individuals in R&D, product design, testing, manufacturing engineering, QA/QC, regulatory affairs, project management and more!

Partial List of Companies Include:

  • Arevo Labs
  • Gener8
  • Impax Laboratories Inc
  • Intuitive Surgical Inc.
  • Solopoint Solutions
  • Inta Technologies
  • Electro Imaging Systems
  • Varian Medical Systems
  • Silicon Valley Robotics
  • Solar City

Positions are available for all levels of experience.

This Career Fair event is free to conference attendees and job seekers.

Employers please register here.
Job seekers must submit their resume in advance by emailing their resume in PDF format here, or  you can send resume to our box account with this email address:

Raya Zion - Industry Engagement & Employment Services Consultant
Cynthia Cook - SME SV, Communications Director


pricing table June 2016

Additional Pricing Details

  • High School Students between 13 and 18 years of age can register with a special educational promo code HIGHSCHOOL2016 to access a $39 student ticket and a special ticket for your guardian or teacher.  Please bring an ID with you to the conference.

Pricing includes fully catered breakfast, lunch, mixer reception, and career fair.
* For first-time SME members, this ticket includes a one year SME membership ($138) plus Conference and future discounts on events and factory tours.

** Students must be currently enrolled in at least 6 units of credit at a accredited college or university.  Students should be prepared to show proof of student status at the time of conference onsite registration.  Students without verification at time of registration will be asked to pay the general admission price.

Event Details

PDF  2016 Conference Program


PDF  Event Flyer - Professionals

  Event Flyer - Students



Speakers & Panelists

  • Sal Brogna - Intuitive Surgical
  • Steve Mohr - Varian Medical Systems
  • Dr. Marco Pavone - Stanford University
  • Alex Blanter - A.T. Kearney
  • Andra Keay - Silicon Valley Robotics
  • Mark Brosius - Intuitive Surgical
  • Monica Moya - Lawrence Livermore Labs
  • Jeffrey Christian - Phoenix DeVentures
  • Lisa Gregerson - Neato Robotics
  • Andrew Rutter - Type A Machines
  • Greg Matter - JLL
  • Mark Martin - Laney College
  • Peter Hoffman - R.M. Hoffman Company
  • Michael Keer - PRG
  • Mark Brinkerhoff - Fusion Design
  • Bill Browne - MANEX
  • Brian Zahnstecher - PowerRox LLC
  • Phillip Walker - Transcend Robotics
  • Rick Riccardi - Educational Robots
  • Riley Reese - Arevo Labs
  • Ali Taheri - Imantics
  • Kevin Gregerson - Electro Imaging Systems
  • JoAnne Moody - Zeta Scientific
  • Raya Zion - Laney College

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Speaker Biographies

SalSal Brogna - Executive Vice President, Product Operations, Intuitive Surgical - Keynote Speaker

Salvatore J. Brogna serves as Executive Vice President, Product Operations at Intuitive Surgical.  Mr. Brogna formerly held the position of Vice President, Engineering and initially joined Intuitive Surgical as Director, Mechanical Engineering in 1999.  Prior to joining Intuitive Surgical, he led design and development of complex robotic systems at Adept Technology and Unimation. Mr. Brogna holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in mechanical engineering from Clarkson University.

StephenStephen Mohr, PE – Senior Mechanical Engineer, Varian Medical Systems

Steve has over 30 years of Mechanical Engineering Design experience.  He has spent his career designing medical devices, hydraulic flight control systems, and automated assembly of vacuum devices.  He holds six patents in mechanical devices and systems.  The past 26 years have been at Varian Medical Systems designing radiation therapy equipment.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Design) from Stanford University.  He has 28 years as a licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer. Steve has focused his career in design simplification/cost reduction methods and statistical process analysis (Lean Six Sigma Methods).

Marco Pavone, PhD – Director, Autonomous Systems Laboratory, Stanford University- Keynote Speaker

Dr. Marco Pavone is an Assistant Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Stanford University, where he also holds courtesy appointments in the Department of Electrical Engineering, in the Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering, and in the Information Systems Laboratory. He is a Research Affiliate at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), California Institute of Technology. Before joining Stanford, he was a Research Technologist within the Robotics Section at JPL. He received a Ph.D. degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2010. Dr. Pavone’s areas of expertise lie in the fields of controls and robotics.

Dr. Pavone is a recipient of an NSF CAREER Award, a NASA Early Career Faculty Award, a Hellman Faculty Scholar Award, and was named NASA NIAC Fellow in 2011. At JPL, Dr. Pavone worked on the end-to-end optimization of the mission architecture for the Mars sample return mission. He has designed control algorithms for formation flying that have been successfully tested on board the International Space Station.

Dr. Pavone is the Director of the Autonomous Systems Laboratory (ASL). The goal of ASL is the development of methodologies for the analysis, design, and control of autonomous systems, with a particular emphasis on large-scale robotic networks and autonomous aerospace vehicles. The lab combines expertise from control theory, robotics, optimization, and operations research to develop the theoretical foundations for networked autonomous systems operating in uncertain, rapidly-changing, and potentially adversarial environments. Theoretical insights are then used to devise practical, computationally-efficient, and provably-correct algorithms for field deployment. Applications include robotic transportation networks, sensor networks, agile control of spacecraft during proximity operations, and mobility platforms for extreme planetary environments. Collaborations with NASA centers are a key component of the research portfolio.

Monica Moya, PhD - Researcher, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Dr. Monica Moya is a biomedical engineer researcher at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Currently she works as the principal investigator of 3D printing of human vascularized human tissues and as a technical lead on another bioengineering project, building a human on a chip. She received her Bachelors of Science from Northwestern University and her Ph.D. in biomedical engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology  Prior to working at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, she worked at UC Irvine under a prestigious National Institutes of Health fellowship. While at UC Irvine she developed a novel microfluidic-based system of metabolically active stroma with culture medium-perfused human capillaries.  She further developed this technology to create a platform to recapitulate both tumor microenvironment and cardiac tissue microenvironment for drug development, toxicity screening and modeling tumor metastasis. Her expertise in developing vascularized constructs has  resulted in 22 peer review publications, 2 book chapters and numerous national and international conference presentations.

Mark Brosius - Senior Director of New Product Introduction, Instruments and Accessories Engineering, Intuitive Surgical

Mark Brosius is the Senior Director of New Product Introduction, Instruments and Accessories Engineering at Intuitive Surgical.  His core area of expertise is in integrating product development with manufacturing innovation. Prior to Intuitive Surgical, Brosius held leadership and executive positions at Selig Group and Trend Technologies.  And throughout his career, he has led product development and manufacturing efforts for some of the world’s best known brands, including Apple, Cisco, Dell, HP, Oracle, AT&T, Ericsson, Motorola, Sony, Jacuzzi, Specialized Bicycles, Boeing, Hughes and Raytheon. 
In 2012, Brosius received the coveted Consumer Product of the Year award at the International Plastics Design Competition, where he has been a design of the year finalist twice.  He also holds several patents related to fluid handling and sealing. Brosius holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, M.S. in Engineering Management from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and postgraduate certificate of Finance from University of California Berkeley.

Jeffrey J Christian - Founder and CEO, Phoenix DeVentures Inc.

In 2001, Jeffrey Christian founded Phoenix DeVentures, which is dedicated to working with creative medical professionals, entrepreneurs, and established medical device businesses to invent and develop solutions for the evolving medical device market. Jeffrey has expertise in a range of areas, including metal additive and 3D printing processes.

Prior to founding Phoenix DeVentures Inc., Mr. Christian had been with several startup companies, growing them from the garage through IPO and acquisition. Included in this spectrum of companies was a business failure which provided significant experience on the down side of the startup industry.  Joining Advanced Cardiovascular Systems in 1984, Mr. Christian grew through various management roles, including VP R&D and engineering at 2 companies before starting Phoenix DeVentures. With over 43 patents (inventor and co-inventor) to his credit, Mr. Christian is experienced in the process of generating and developing new products for improving healthcare. Among the Phoenix team are credited 60 patents with many more currently in process.

Prior to his medical device career, Mr. Christian spent several years working in the aerospace industry. He received a BS in Manufacturing Engineering from Brigham Young University in 1979 and completed the Stanford Graduate School of Business Executive Program.

Alex Blanter, Partner, A.T. Kearney

Alex is a partner in A.T. Kearney’s High Technology practice. He is an experienced innovation and product development consultant with experience in high technology, including computers and networking, consumer electronics, semiconductor, and software industries. Beyond high tech, Alex has worked with leading healthcare, life sciences, and utilities companies.

Recently, much of Alex’s research and client work has centered around the Internet of Things (IoT). He leads the development of the firm’s intellectual capital on this topic, and he has worked with a number of clients in helping them to understand IoT and its implications, and to develop effective response strategies and plans. Alex is well plugged into the startup ecosystem in the Silicon Valley and beyond, and have collaborated with startups working on IoT-driven solutions, including smart cities, smart factories, smart life. He is also a regular speaker at IoT-focused forums and has been quoted in the media. Select contributions include: lead presentation at A.T. Kearney’s Silicon Valley Thought Leadership Series event on IoT, keynote presentation at the PRG Symposium “IoT – from Idea to Scale”, keynote at the high tech track at the Dassault 3DExperience conference, presentations at regional IoT forums in Seoul and Bogota, and a number of others.

Before joining A.T. Kearney, Alex worked with PwC’s PRTM Management Consulting, where he led the product innovation and development practice. He has also held engineering management positions in the high-technology industry, driving growth of new businesses, developing new products, and creating and refining new technologies.  Alex earned his MBA from Haas Business School at University of California, Berkeley, and his MS with high distinction in mechanical engineering from the Leningrad Polytechnic University in Russia. Alex is based in A.T. Kearney’s Silicon Valley and San Francisco offices.

Lisa GLisa Gregerson – Senior Director worldwide Support Services, Neato Robotics

Lisa Gregerson is a Director of support services for Neato Robotics a leader in IoT household robotics. Prior to her joining the Neato she worked with IoT products such as Mp3 players, flash drives, software, DVRs, and other connected devices.  At fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, SanDisk, TiVo as well as project management with internet providers such as Comcast and internet based companies looking for her particular expertise, covering the ever vital customer experience behind technical support of connected devices. 

Mark Martin, PhD - Regional Director for Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Development for CA Community Colleges

Mark Martin’s career has been focused on manufacturing and engineering design. He is currently the Bay Area Deputy Sector Navigator (Regional Director) for Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Development for California community colleges, and is hosted at Laney College in Oakland, CA. His work builds upon the Bay Area’s community college manufacturing programs to help develop advanced and innovative approaches to train students in meeting the needs of local industry. Prior to working in K-14 education and workforce development, Dr. Martin worked in product development and manufacturing at a number of companies, including founding Design4X, which focused on manufacturing and design education for engineers and the general public. His efforts in developing online courses include the award-winning site “How Everyday Things Are Made” ( He has worked for, or consulted with, a number of companies – including Texas Instruments, Marlow Industries, HP, ABB, Toshiba, In-Focus, Agilent, Google, Raytheon, and others. Dr. Martin received his BSME from the University of Oklahoma, MSME & MBA from MIT, and PhD in mechanical engineering from Stanford University.

Brian ZBrian Zahnstecher - Principal, PowerRox LLC

Brian Zahnstecher is a Sr. Member of the IEEE and the Principal of PowerRox, where he focuses on power design, integration, system applications, and OEM market penetration, and private seminars for power electronics.  He has successfully handled assignments in system design/architecting, AC/DC front-end power, embedded solutions, processor power, and digital power solutions for a variety of clients.  He previously held positions in power electronics with industry leaders Emerson Network Power, Cisco, and Hewlett-Packard, where he advised on best practices, oversaw product development, managed international teams, created/enhanced optimal workflows and test procedures, and designed and optimized voltage regulators.  He has been a regular contributor to the industry as an invited speaker, author, workshop participant, session host, roundtable moderator, and volunteer.  He has over 12 years of industry experience and holds Master of Engineering and Bachelor of Science degrees from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

PowerRox is a consultancy dedicated to solving power problems for those seeking to establish or enhance their position in the enterprise and consumer power electronics marketplace.  We specialize in improving the efficiency, reliability, cost reduction.  We can solve problems in power supply design, power system development, system debug and test, cost/performance analysis, marketing, and re-design.  We are committed to meeting all deadlines, performing on-budget, debugging/testing solutions to required levels, and doing the highest quality work possible.

Phillip WalkerPhillip Walker - Co-founder and CEO,  Transcend Robotics

Phillip Walker is the co-founder and CEO of Transcend Robotics, an innovator in the ground-based robotic mobility. Phillip started the company out of his apartment, producing custom parts with a 3D printer, and selling ARTI robots at Maker Faires. Previously, Philip founded SKYEYE LLC, developer of a security surveillance iPhone app, which was acquired. He has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Fordham University.

Ali TAheriAli Taheri - President and CEO, Imantics

Prior to Imantics, Ali was General Manager at Cymer Corporation which was acquired by ASML in 2013. Ali has held executive positions at Applied Materials where he was responsible for leading a global engineering organization and SAP oriented Business Transformation. Prior to this, Ali was a key executive at Novellus Systems where he led New Product Development and entire company’s software division.Ali started his career in IBM’s Applied Research where he worked in various leadership capacities leading several product development exclusively for IBM manufacturing as well as successfully commercializing technologies for external market. Ali graduated from University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and also holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Rick RiccardiRick Riccardi - Mentor, Educational Robotics

Rick is an advocate for hands on experience learning as a compliment to academic classroom. Rick is a retired Systems Engineer on the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.  Rick has also had more than 30 years in the defense industry engineering cockpit displays as Project, Business Development and Marketing Manager.  Since 2008, Rick has also been a volunteer for student robotics experiences in FIRST and SeaPerch programs.  As founder and continuing mentor for Prospect, Westmont and Gateway High School Robotics FRC Teams, Rick shares knowledge, experiences, skills and decision processes with students in the ‘sport of the mind’ that provides both learning and exciting real world experiences.  Rick and student team members provide a short overview of the FIRST Robotics Competition that was founded by Dean Kamen as a way to enrich and prepare the next generation of technologists and business leaders.

Riley ReeseRiley Reese, Cofounder, Engineering, Arevo Labs

Riley is focused on engineering research involving composite, high strength filament formulations and machine development for high temperature operation.  Riley works at Arevo Labs, a San Francisco based startup, delivering advanced materials, intelligent software, and deposition technology to make production-use composite parts.  Prior to Arevo, Riley worked at Stryker Endoscopy as an Advanced Quality Engineer implementing design improvements and validating surgeon use prior to product launch. Riley studied at UC Berkeley, where he received a B.S. in Bioengineering and Materials Science and Engineering and M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering.


Bill Browne - Director of Operations and Economic Development, Manex Consulting

Mr. Browne has over 37 years of extensive manufacturing experience and expertise in general management, manufacturing operations, quality systems, engineering, product development and continuous improvement initiatives, including Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. He has led numerous process improvement initiatives resulting in top-line and bottom-line growth across a range of industry sectors and geographies, including China, Hong Kong and the UK. Prior to joining Manex, Mr. Browne was General Manager at Triangle Coatings, Inc. where he was responsible for managing two manufacturing operations. He has also held executive management positions with Morgan Crucible, Consolidated Container Company and Mattel, Inc.  Mr. Browne has led numerous Lean Manufacturing, quality (ISO 9001, 8D), product optimization, consumer pricing and workforce development programs that achieved dramatic improvements in productivity and competitiveness. Mr. Browne has also achieved the Six Sigma Master Black Belt (SSMBB) and Certified Design for Six Sigma (CDFSS), and is Lean Bronze-SME certified, and PMP-P.M.I. certified. Mr. Browne holds an MBA from the University of Detroit, and a BS in Engineering Arts from Michigan State University.

Andrew Rutter, Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder, Type A Machine

Andrew Rutter is a highly experienced 3D printing expert, with a passion for complex problem-solving.  He provides an affinity for all things technical and a vision of the future of 3D printing.  Andrew's technical leadership at Type A Machine will insure that the company continues to be an industry  pioneer - creating the best tools and solutions its customers.

Wendy Dillingham-Plew

Wendy was born and raised in Santa Clara County. After graduating from U.C. Davis she earned her teaching credential from San Jose State and taught middle school Science and Robotics in Los Gatos for many years. She currently works for the California Teachers Association and is a state-wide specialist in the area of Adult, Alternative and Career Technical Education, County Offices of Education and Community Colleges as well as Basic Aid school districts.  Wendy has a BS degree in Psychology from UC Davis.

Andra Keay - Managing Director, Silicon Valley Robotics

Andra Keay is the Managing Director of Silicon Valley Robotics, an industry group supporting the innovation and commercialization of robotics technologies. Andra is also founder of Robot Launchpad for startups, and cofounder of Robot Garden, a new robotics hackerspace. Andra is a core contributor to Robohub, the global site for news and views on robotics. She obtained her MA in Human-Robot Culture at the University of Sydney, Australia in 2011, building on a background as a robot geek, STEM educator and film-maker. Andra graduated as an ABC film, television and radio technician in 1986 and obtained a BA in Communication from the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) Australia, in 1998.

Greg Matter - Executive VP, Jones Lang LaSalle

Greg Matter is an Executive Vice President with Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) and leader of its Advanced Manufacturing Group. Mr. Matter specializes in assisting companies ranging from startups to international companies in advanced manufacturing location and facility strategies. Mr. Matter was a founding member of the Silicon Valley Manufacturing Roundtable. An organization established to provide awareness of the resources that exist for manufacturers in the area and a forum for continued discussion of key issues. Mr.Matter is a board member of the San Francisco chapter of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) and an associate member of the Industrial Asset Management Council (IAMC).

Mark Brinkerhoff, PE -  President,Fusion Design, Inc.

Mark Brinkerhoff, PE, is president of Fusion Design, Inc., Campbell, CA. Mark has obtained eight patents for mechanical devices and systems. Previously, Brinkerhoff was an engineering and model shop manager at Amdahl Corporation and a manufacturing engineer at Hewlett Packard Company. He has 29 years of experience developing both products and production machines. While earning his degree at California Polytechnic State University and the College of the Siskiyous, Brinkerhoff participated in a co-op program at Schlage Lock company. Since joining the Society of Manufacturing Engineers in 1995, he has been active in Silicon Valley Chapter 98, where he previously served as treasurer and has coordinated many factory tours throughout the Bay Area. He has also been a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the Laboratory Robotics Interest Group and TELTECH. Brinkerhoff is an Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America.

Michael KeerMichael D. Keer - Founder and CEO, Product Realization Group

Michael has over 20 years of High Technology business leadership experience bringing new products to market. As founder of the Product Realization Group (PRG), Michael created the end-to-end outsourced services model that accelerates New Product Introduction (NPI). The PRG model enables rapid and cost effective introduction of products to the market, regulatory compliance, manufacturing, service, and lifecycle support. Engagements are tailored to fit business and product profiles. Twenty PRG companies currently deliver services to over four hundred clients.

Prior to the PRG, Michael was CEO of SofTEQ, an Enterprise Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) services company, where he delivered services for a broad range of technology based businesses in the medical, networking, telecom, defense, and consumer industries including Pacific Biosciences, Savi Technology, Lab126 (Amazon), and Solta Medical. Prior to joining SofTEQ, he was Director of Operations for Paramit Corporation, an Electronic Manufacturing Service provider, where he delivered services for leading edge clients such as Intuitive Surgical, DVD Play, Harmonic, and KLA-Tencor, and also held Operations Management and Engineering positions for SemiPower Systems (motor control), Ericsson/Raynet (telecom), and NCR (computer systems). He has been directly involved in multiple new high-tech electronic product introductions focused on minimizing investment, accelerating time-to-market, lowering risks, and maximizing profits.

Peter Hoffman - Vice President of Sales and Marketing, R.M. Hoffman

Peter Hoffman joined the R.M. Hoffman Company in the Fall of 2014 as Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  Peter has held numerous marketing, sales, and business development roles over his career spanning corporate, non-profit, and education organizations. Prior to R.M. Hoffman Company, Peter led institutional relations and customer success efforts as a member of the Campus Quad founding team. Campus Quad’s groundbreaking app creates a private mobile community for some of the nations’s leading higher education institutions. Peter worked at Apple over an eight year period, developing and managing strategic marketing programs for higher education institutions.  As an Apple senior manager, he directed the Mac OS X lab deployment project, the University Executive Forum, Apple’s executive leadership education symposiums, the Apple Digital Campus pilot Initiative, and Apple’s participation in major national higher education conferences. Peter holds an undergraduate degree in political science and economics from the University of California, Berkeley and an MBA from San Jose State University.


JoAnne Moody -  Principal, Zeta Scientific LLC, SME SV Conference Co-Chair,

JoAnne has over 35 years experience in adhesives, coatings, smart materials, and medical device materials.  Ms. Moody has worked for 3M, Boston Scientific, Raychem Corporation (now Tyco Electronics), EndoSonics Inc., and Liquidity Corporation.  As principal at Zeta Scientific LLC, Ms. Moody's industry experience includes medical devices, electronics, and  consumer product companies - from  startups to large international corporations. Ms. Moody has a special talent at providing creative assistance to companies in early phase product development, design for manufacturing as well as design transfers to manufacturing.

Ms. Moody earned her BA degree in Chemistry from Hamline University, St. Paul, MN and MS degree in Chemical Engineering & Material Science from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN. Ms. Moody has served as Silicon Valley SME Chair, Conference Chair, Chair-Elect, and Newsletter Editor as well as delegate board member for the Silicon Valley Engineering Council.

RayRaya Zion- Industry Engagement and Employment Services Consultant, Laney College

Raya has been in workforce development for the past 20+ years, starting as a manager of a staffing agency, moving from there to recruiting in the biotech industry, then into work at local county government agencies specializing in the job placement of retrained workers. Presently, at Laney Community College, she is developing, implementing, and monitoring Laney colleges career services center. She is involved with Laney College's technical education graduates in career and industry education.

While employed by the San Mateo County Central Labor Council, Raya was the job developer and business services representative for the Biotech Workforce Network (BWN) which focused on retraining dislocated workers via a collaborative which included Skyline College, Ohlone College, Alameda County WIB and San Mateo County WIB. This Biotech Workforce Network facilitated the re-training and employment of over 600 people into technician level positions with in the life sciences industry sector. Due to the Biotech Workfoce Network's achievements, the Alameda County WIB won the national award from the U.S. Department of Labor for "Building an Industry Driven Workforce Investment System."  After six years with San Mateo County workforce development, she was tapped by Alameda County to lead their CleanTech and BioTech initiatives.

Raya also hosts a weekly radio show, she is the lead vocalist and manager of the Tribal Blues Band and The Groove Objective.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology from San Francisco State University.

KevinKevin Gregerson – Technical Lasers Application Consultant, Electro Imaging Systems Inc.

Kevin Gregerson is currently the SME Silicon Valley Chair and a Technical Lasers Application Consultant for Electro Imaging Systems Inc. in Livermore, CA.   Kevin has spent the last 5 years covering industrial products in the laser cutting, engraving, and marking business.  Before joining Electro Imaging Systems Inc., Kevin worked for 10 years in product merchandise marketing for Microsoft. He covered a wide range of consumer and business products and represented over a dozen different Microsoft retail business units. 

His past volunteer experience includes being SME SV Chair-elect.  He enjoys assisting schools and programs with obtaining grants and setting up events. When he's not glued to a computer screen, assisting with car repairs and having fun, then he's working on one design or another, as part of over a dozen engineering communities.

Cynthia Cook - Conference Co-Chair, SME Silicon Valley Chapter

Cynthia Cook is the Past Chair of the SME Silicon Valley Chapter, a 501(c) non-profit. Ms. Cook is focused on acquiring and providing knowledge and connections for leading edge product development, manufacturing, student outreach and workforce development in the community.  Ms. Cook has over 17 years in manufacturing including lean, quality and new product introduction with Acuity Lighting, and Carrier Corporation.

Ms. Cook earned her Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA and MS degree in Management Science from the University of Dayton's School of Engineering, Dayton, OH. Ms. Cook has served as Silicon Valley SME Chair-Elect. Ms. Cook is a senior member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers, served in several leadership positions within the Dayton, OH chapter, and holds a SixSigma green belt. Ms. Cook is a member of ASQ.




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