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North America is in the midst of a design and manufacturing revolution.  Since 2010, the US has added roughly 500,000 manufacturing jobs.  The economic implications of this reversal are significant.  Will reshoring become a major trend in North America?   Reshoring Current Event Links

Attend an exciting one-day seminar on the New Industrial Revolution.  We have 20+ speakers and panelists including serial entrepreneurs, company founders, R&D leaders, manufacturers, design firms, and colleges. Learn how the Bay Area continues to innovate and respond to global competition.
  • Reshoring/Onshoring Reality
  • 3D Printer, 3D Scanner and Robot Demonstrations
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
  • Product Development and Global Supply Chain Dynamics
  • Workforce Development to Meet Today's Job Requirements

This conference is held in conjunction with the Design-2-Part Show and in collaboration with local  organizations including IEEE-CPMT, ASME-SCVS, ASQ Northern CA Biomedical Division, SJSU BMES, SWE-SCV, Laney College, San Jose State University, and DeAnza College.  Sponsorships are available. For more information or if you have registration issues, please contact the Conference Chair, Joanne Moody at

Who Should Attend?

The Society of Manufacturing Engineering Silicon Valley Chapter (SME SV) is hosting an exciting one day conference for people in:

  • Product development, "makers", design, quality, supply chain, purchasing, technologists, manufacturing engineers, managers, and manufacturing professionals.

  • Students and professionals interested in advancing their knowledge of Bay Area prototyping, making, 3D printing, manufacturing, and networking.


Product Development and Global Supply Chain Dynamics

Deciding where to manufacture products is part of the product development cycle.  The concept and use of the global supply chain is critical in successfully competing in today's world.  Learn how the supply chain decision can make or break your new product.

Reshoring/Onshoring Reality

For the past several decades, US companies have been moving manufacturing operations "offshore" to save labor costs. However, with transportation costs, rising Chinese labor costs, quality issues, and simply the issue of keeping jobs in the US, there are companies trying to reshore part, or all, of their manufacturing in the US. We will be hearing about the challenges and the reality of reshoring.  Learn about the success stories.

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies including hands-on 3D printer, 3D scanner and robot demos

Manufacturing shows increased use of additive and digital manufacturing techniques, prototyping, robotics, laser, etc. Computer and software technology is radically changing how we manufacture.  US made goods have advantages for small volume, highly regulated, complex products such as medical devices.  Learn more from companies about the latest trends in advanced manufacturing methods.

Workforce Development to Meet Today's Job Requirements

To meet manufacturing challenges in advanced technologies, a trained local workforce is a top priority. In the Bay Area, we have several educational programs geared for retooling and retraining our work force.  These programs teach new skills and provide a platform for new job growth.


7:30 am Registration

8:00 - 8:15 am  - Conference Overview, Sponsor Introductions & Raffle/Drawing #1

8:15 - 8:45 am - Manufacturing Trends in the Northern CA

Learn about current manufacturing trends, local industries, manufacturing jobs, and government incentives to create opportunities and growth.

  • Bill Browne - Director, Client Services, MANEX Consulting

8:45 - 9:00 am  - The New Industrial Revolution

The internet, computer design tools, crowd funding, and the Maker’s movement are creating a new industrial revolution.

  • Joanne Moody - President, Zeta Scientific LLC, SME Conference Chair

9:00 - 10:00 am - Reshoring/Onshoring Reality - Panel Discussion

For the past several decades, US companies have been moving manufacturing operations "offshore" to save labor costs. However, with transportation costs, rising Chinese labor costs, quality issues, and simply the issue of keeping jobs in the US, there are companies trying to reshore part, or all, of their manufacturing in the US. We will be hearing about the challenges and the reality of reshoring.  Learn about the success stories.

  • Gus Castello - Sr. VP, Product Operations, Intuitive Surgical
  • Stan Sutton - President & CEO, Inland Metal Industries

10:00 - 10:15 am - Raffle/Drawing #2 & Break

10:15 - 11:15 am -  Product Development and Global Supply Chain Dynamics

Deciding where to produce products is an essential part of the product development cycle.  The concept and use of the global supply chain is critical in successfully competing in today's world.  Learn how the supply chain decision can make or break your new product.

11:15 - 11:30 am - The New Industrial Revolution and China’s Dilemma

Technology has political consequences. Low-cost, highly dispersed computing created an impossible dilemma for the Soviet Union's rulers, who feared its potential to transmit competing ideas, but were doomed to fall far behind if they didn't encourage wide adoption. In a similar vein, low-cost, highly dispersed manufacturing technologies are more than just a challenge to the "Made in China, shipped globally" industrial model.

  • Joe Katzman -  Product Manager & Editor - Defense Daily, Speaker

11:30 am - 1:15 pm - Design-2-Part Tour and Lunch break (lunch not provided)

1:15 -1:45 pm - Collaborative Robot Demo

Learn about the collaborative manufacturing robot.  No programming required; physically train the robot to do simple tasks.
1:45 - 2:15 pm - Ramping Up Cross-Disciplinary Technologies: Lessons Learned - Keynote

When new technologies are developed by combining concepts and methods from different fields, unique challenges can arise as pilot production lines are established as well as during high-volume scale up. This presentation will highlight lessons learned on how to identify and overcome such challenges. 
  • Brian Sager - Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of NanoSolar, Keynote Speaker

2:15 - 3:15 pm - Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Manufacturing shows increase use of additive and digital manufacturing techniques, prototyping, robotics, lasers, nanotechnology, etc. Computer and software technology is radically changing how we manufacture. US made goods have advantages for small volume, highly regulated, complex products such as medical devices. Learn more from companies about the latest trends in advanced manufacturing methods.

  • Mike Prindiville - Sr. Director, Manufacturing Engineering, Intuitive Surgical
3:15 - 3:45 pm Break, Demos and Networking  3:45 - 5:00 pm Workforce Development to Meet Today’s Job Requirements

To meet manufacturing challenges in advanced technologies, a trained local workforce is a top priority.  This workforce includes skilled trades (such as machining, welding, process technicians, industrial maintenance, etc.), engineers, and others. In the Bay Area, we have several educational programs geared for retooling and retraining our work force.  Information about various training programs will be provided to learn new skills, providing a platform for new job growth, which goes hand-in-hand with a skilled workforce.
  • Mark Martin - Laney College, Director, Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Development, panel leader.

  • Naima Azgui - Professor - Advanced Medical Manufacturing Technologies, Laney College

  • Birch Early - Business Services Representative, Alameda County Workforce Investment Board

  • Seth Bates - Professor, Chair, Department Aviation & Aviation Technology San Jose State University

  • Mike Appio - Department Head, Manufacturing & CNC Technology program, DeAnza College
  • Guna Selvaduray  - Professor, Materials Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Coordinator, San Jose State University

5:00 pm Closing and Final Raffle/Drawing - Kindle Fire HD

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Speakers & Panelists

  • Brian Sager - Founder of NanoSolar (Keynote)
  • Gus Castello - Intuitive Surgical
  • Mike Prindiville - Intuitive Surgical
  • Bill Brown - MANEX Consulting
  • Michele Nash-Hoff - ElectroFab
  • Stan Sutton - Inland Metal Industries
  • Brian Holmes - Columbia Plastics
  • Joanne Moody - Zeta Scientific
  • Michael Keer - Product Realization Group
  • Ric Leyva - Valin Corporation
  • Sandeep Duggal - Extron
  • Colin Kavanagh - Philips Lighting
  • Sharish Joshi  - Pluribus Networks
  • Wayne Firsty - Creation Technologies
  • Joe Katzman - Defense Daily
  • Mark Brinkerhoff - Fusion Design Inc.
  • Ethan Escowitz - Studio Fathom
  • Simon Engel - HDE Technologies, Inc.
  • Chuck Alexander - Solid Concepts Inc.
  • Kevin Andersen - NPI Solutions
  • Nathaniel Arnaldo - Arrk Product Development Group
  • Mark Martin - Laney College
  • Naima Azgui - Laney College
  • Birch Early - Alameda County Workforce Investment Board
  • Seth Bates - San Jose State University
  • Mike Appio - DeAnza College
  • Ethan Escowitz - Studio Fathom
  • John Morewood - Zip-Bit, Inc.
  • Cynthia Cook - SME SV Chapter Chair
  • Gerrard Bessette - Master of Ceremonies


Diamond Sponsors

  • MANEX Consulting

Platinum Sponsors

  • NUTEK Corporation
  • Intuitive Surgical

Gold Sponsors

  • Product Realization Group
  • SMTC
  • Valin Corporation
  • Inland Metal Technologies
  • Hawk Ridge Systems
  • Studio Fathom

Silver Sponsors

  • DEG
  • OSIsoft

Program Committee


  • JoAnne Moody, Chair
  • Rob Eichner
  • Michael Keer
  • Cynthia Cook
  • Phil Ogaz
  • Mark Brinkerhoff  
  • Gerard Bessette   
  • Mark Martin                                                                                                                                           

Extended Committee

  • Joe Katzman
  • Kathy Loomen
  • Mike Gozzo
  • Diana Helka
  • Keith Krook

Professional Societies

  • ASQ Northern CA Biomedical Division
  • SWE - SCV




Gold Sponsors

  • Product Realization Group


Brian Sager - Serial Entrepreneur - Founder, NanoSolar -  Keynote Speaker

Brian Sager is a serial entrepreneur whose current venture is focused where ideation meets informatics. Prior to this, he founded Nanosolar, where over ten years he served in roles including R&D strategy, product development, intellectual property creation and management, corporate finance, government affairs, and sales. Under his direction, Nanosolar received $116M in Federal state support, and more than $500 million in total funding. Previously, Sager led a biotechnology practice at Ernst & Young where he advised clients on R&D portfolio management, M&A, and IP licensing. Sager has a Ph.D in Biochemistry from Stanford where he was a NS fellow and was a Whitney Fellow at MIT and Harvard. He is also a composer of symphonic ( and electronic ( music. He has more than 120 patents issued or pending. Return to Schedule

Augusto V. Castello - Sr VP, Product Operations - Intuitive Surgical

Augusto V. Castello joined Intuitive Surgical in May of 2002 from US Surgical, where he was General Manager for their Puerto Rico manufacturing operations from 1998 to 2002. He was promoted to Senior Vice President, Product Operations in 2009. During his 10 years at US Surgical, Mr. Castello acted in the capacity of Engineering Director, Materials Director, Manufacturing Director and General Manager. Prior to US Surgical, Mr. Castello acted as Operations Manager for Clayton Industries and Engineering Manager for Ormco/Sybron. Mr. Castello received a BSME from California State University at Long Beach.  Return to Schedule

Mike Prindiville - Sr. Director of Manufacturing Engineering - Intuitive Surgical

Mike Prindiville is the Sr. Director of Manufacturing Engineering for Intuitive Surgical in Sunnyvale, CA.  Mike leads technical support for the Manufacturing Operations team, which includes yield optimization, capacity, efficiency, and cost reduction efforts for Systems and Instruments products.  Mike’s responsibilities include Manufacturing Engineering, Test Engineering, Equipment Engineering, and Component Engineering functions.  Mike has 17 years experience in medical device manufacturing, and joined Intuitive Surgical in 2001.  Prior to Intuitive, Mike worked at Guidant (Abbott Vascular) and Heartport Inc., developing automated stent and catheter manufacturing equipment.  Mike has a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, with a focus in Smart Product Design (Mechatronics) and Control Systems Design.
Intuitive Surgical, Inc. (NASDAQ: ISRG) is the global technology leader in robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery (MIS). The Company's da Vinci® Surgical System offers surgeons superior 3D HD visualization, enhanced dexterity, greater precision and ergonomic comfort for the optimal performance of MIS.  Return to Schedule

Bill Browne - Director of Client Services - Manex Consulting

Mr. Browne has over 32 years of extensive manufacturing experience and expertise in general management, manufacturing operations, quality systems, engineering, product development and continuous improvement initiatives, including Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. He has led numerous process improvement initiatives resulting in top-line and bottom-line growth across a range of industry sectors and geographies, including China, Hong Kong and the UK. Prior to joining Manex, Mr. Browne was General Manager at Triangle Coatings, Inc. where he was responsible for managing two manufacturing operations. Mr. Browne has also held executive management positions with Morgan Crucible, Consolidated Container Company and Mattel, Inc.  Mr. Browne has led numerous Lean Manufacturing, quality (ISO 9001, 8D), product optimization, consumer pricing and workforce development programs that achieved dramatic improvements in productivity and competitiveness. Mr. Browne has also achieved the Six Sigma Master Black Belt (SSMBB) and Certified Design for Six Sigma (CDFSS). Mr. Browne holds an MBA from the University of Detroit, and a BS in Engineering Arts from Michigan State University.  Return to Schedule

Michele Nash-Hoff - President, Founder - ElectroFab Sales

Michele Nash-Hoff, President and Founder, ElectroFab Sales, works with companies to help them select the right manufacturing processes for their new and existing products.  She is the author of "Can American Manufacturing be Saved?  Why we Should and How We Can?"    Ms. Nash-Hoff has a certificate in Total Quality Management and is a 1994 graduate of San Diego’s leadership program (LEAD San Diego.) She has also taken classes in lean manufacturing and Six Sigma. Michele has been president of the San Diego Chapter of the Electronics Representatives Association and The High Technology Foundation, as well as several professional and non-profit organizations. Michele is currently a director on the national board of the American Jobs Alliance and Chair of the California chapter of the Coalition for a Prosperous America.  Ms. Nash-Hoff is a regular blogger for Industry Week magazine and the Huffington Post.  
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Joe Katzman - Founding Editor - Defense Industry Daily

Joe is an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, and subject-matter expert, with a long history involving new internal and market-facing products. His diverse skill set includes organizational analysis & strategy, product management, industrial process improvement, I.T. and Web 2.0, journalism, global military affairs and technology, geo-political analysis, and top-tier training & presentation skills. He has worked at Ernst & Young and KPMG to advise start-ups, large corporations, and governments; and is currently the Founding Editor of Defense Industry Daily.  Return to Schedule

Mike Appio - Department Head, Manufacturing & CNC Technology Program - DeAnza College

Mike Appio is the department head at of the Manufacturing and CNC Technology program at DeAnza College. He has a degree in Tool and Die making as well as many certifications in CNC machining and programming, which earned him a spot as a Modelmaker at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. After two stints for a total of fifteen years at NASA, Mr. Appio decided it was time to for a change of scenery and started a machining business specializing in medical research and development. In addition to his business, Mr Appio has taught National Tooling and Machining Association and Machinist Joint Apprenticeship Committee apprenticeship classes.

Mr. Appio is currently one of two community college members representing the 2013 Americas HAAS Technical Education Council as well as establishing DeAnza College as the first community college in California to become a DMG/Mori Seiki Educational Partnership Program.  Return to Schedule

Birch Early - Business Services Representative - Alameda County Workforce Investment Board

Birch Early, Business Services Representative, Alameda County Workforce Investment Board has a with a special focus on Green/Cleantech and Bioscience businesses. Birch’s work is to inform businesses in these sectors about government programs and incentives available to help hire and train new and current employees and to connect with the East Bay workforce as they grow. Birch also partners with area economic development agencies and organizations, local community college training programs and assists job seekers.

Previously, Birch worked as a consultant to East Bay small green businesses and non-profits in the areas of energy efficiency, green building, electric vehicles, urban food production and green job events. Birch also worked for 17 years as a residential energy efficiency project manager and consultant to utilities across the United States and a green building consultant and LEED AP.  Birch’s work stems from her passion for sustainability, her belief that workforce development and economic development are interconnected and that community colleges play a vital role in linking the two.  
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Naima Azgui - Professor - Advanced Medical Manufacturing Technologies - Laney College

Naima Azgui, Professor of Advanced Medical Manufacturing Technologies Certificate Program, Laney College is a strong supporter of curriculum development for workforce training in the Bay Area. From 2010 to 2012, Dr. Azgui developed the Advanced Medical Technologies program at Laney College with funding from the Alameda County Workforce Investment Board. The program was implemented in partnership with the Biomolecular Nanotechnology Center (BNC) UC Berkeley and local biomedical companies. Many of the students were laid-off employees from companies such as NUMMI and Solyndra, and were provided training that enabled a high rate of rehiring as R&D, quality, and manufacturing production technicians. The anticipated and continued success of this program has been recognized and additional grants received. 

Dr. Azgui earned her Ph.D. from the University Louis Pasteur and C.R.N. Strasbourg, France. Part of her research work was done at the German Laboratory GSI, Darmstadt. She was invited to come to the U.S. as a Fulbright Research Fellow at UC Berkeley. Dr. Azgui is also an SME member and initiated the formation of the Laney College SME Student Chapter.  Return to Schedule

Simon L. Engel - President - HDE Technologies, Inc.

Simon L. Engel, President , HDE Technologies, Inc. provides classroom and hands on training and technical support in the fields of laser welding, cutting and drilling. The company is an approved supplier to most major corporations in the Automotive, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, and Electronic Components industries. Simon L. Engel earned the B.A.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of British Columbia, in Canada. He owned and operated HDE Systems, Inc., a laser systems and contract laser applications, for over two decades in Sunnyvale, CA. HDE Systems Inc. was the first company in the laser industry that offered completely integrated laser systems. Prior to starting his own business, he was the Laser Applications Lab manager at GTE Sylvania, Mtn. View, CA and Caterpillar Tractor Co. in Peoria, IL. He is also the Past Technical Director and Principal instructor of laser courses at EPD of the University of Wisconsin. To his credits are 8 US Patents and numerous technical publications. He is also one of the authors of the AWS C7.4/C7.4M:2008 Laser Welding Standards, and the AWS C7.2M:2010 Recommended Practices of Laser Beam Welding, Cutting and Allied Processes. He is the member of AWS, LIA and SME (life member).  Return to Schedule

Seth Bates, PhD - Professor, Chair - Department Aviation & Aviation Technology - San Jose State University

Dr. Seth Bates, professor and chair, Department of Aviation and Technology in the College of Engineering at San Jose State University.  He holds a BA from UC San Diego, an MA from SJSU, and a doctorate from University of Northern Iowa, and is a Certified Manufacturing Technologist with SME.  His Technical specializations are in Industrial Materials Technology, Manufacturing Systems, and Sustainable Product Development. Dr. Bates has a personal avocation in sustainability and alternative sources of energy.  He has worked in industry several times during his career as an advanced manufacturing methods engineer [for Chamberlin Manufacturing and Applied Materials].  He has worked with local area businesses and industry to anticipate and plan for workforce development.  He served for ten years as a computer and network consultant in Santa Clara and Monterey.  During his college years, he ran a university bus service and was an executive chef for the Twin Inns in Carlsbad, CA.  Return to Schedule

Mark Martin, PhD - Director - Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Development - Laney College

Dr. Martin’s career has been focused on manufacturing and engineering design. He is currently the Director for Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Development at Laney College in Oakland, CA. His work is to build upon Laney’s established manufacturing programs to create advanced and innovative training programs to meet the needs of local industry. This work includes implementing nationally recognized credentials such as NIMS (machining), AWS (welding), and MSSC (manufacturing) - as well as apprenticeships - in the Bay Area. He works closely with other community colleges, universities, industry organizations, school districts and WIBS to promote and support manufacturing.
Prior to working in manufacturing workforce development, Mark worked in product development and manufacturing at a number of companies, including founding Design4X, which focused on manufacturing and engineering education for engineers and the general public. His efforts on developing online courses included the award-winning site “How Everyday Things Are Made” (
In industry he has worked on a number of different projects, from medical devices for pain reduction, ICU monitoring, and blood analysis to mass customization of consumer products to sensor systems for satellites. He has worked for, or consulted with, a number of companies – including Texas Instruments, Marlow Industries, HP, ABB, Toshiba, In-Focus, Agilent, Raytheon, and others. Dr. Martin received his BSME from the University of Oklahoma, MSME & MBA from MIT, and PhD in mechanical engineering from Stanford University.  Return to Schedule

Guna Selvaduray, PE -  Professor, Materials Engineering - San Jose State University 

Dr. Guna Selvaduray, PE is an educator, researcher and consultant. He is Professor in Materials Engineering.  He initiated the Microelectronic Packaging concentration area within the MSE Program. The highly successful interdisciplinary Biomedical Devices Graduate Concentration Area was also developed and established by him. He is currently in the process of developing the College of Engineering's B.S. Bioengineering program.  Dr. Selvaduray holds a B.Eng., Mechanical Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan. (1969)
, M.S., Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, U.S.A. (1976), and a
Ph.D., Metallurgy, Stanford University, Stanford, U.S.A. (1978).

Prior to joining the university, he worked in industry for 10 years.   Dr. Selvaduray was selected as San Jose State University's Presidential Scholar for the 2003~2004 Academic Year. In Fall 2003 he was awarded a Recognition Grant by SJSU's College of Engineering. In 1997 he was awarded the SJSU College of Engineering's Excellence in Scholarship Award, and The California Emergency Services Association's Gold Award. He has also been the recipient of the Japanese Government (Mombusho) Scholarship (1964-1969) and the Fullbright-Hayes Fellowship (1974-1976).  
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Mark Brinkerhoff, PE -  President - Fusion Design, Inc. 

Mark Brinkerhoff, PE, is president of Fusion Design, Inc., Campbell, CA. Mark has obtained eight patents for mechanical devices and systems. Previously, Brinkerhoff was an engineering and model shop manager at Amdahl Corporation and a manufacturing engineer at Hewlett Packard Company. He has 29 years of experience developing both products and production machines. While earning his degree at California Polytechnic State University and the College of the Siskiyous, Brinkerhoff participated in a co-op program at Schlage Lock company. Since joining the Society of Manufacturing Engineers in 1995, he has been active in Silicon Valley Chapter 98, where he previously served as treasurer and has coordinated many factory tours throughout the Bay Area. He has also been a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the Laboratory Robotics Interest Group and TELTECH. Brinkerhoff is an Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America.  Return to Schedule

Michael D. Keer - Founder and CEO - Product Realization Group

Michael has over 20 years of High Technology business leadership experience bringing new products to market. As founder of the Product Realization Group (PRG), Michael created the end-to-end outsourced services model that accelerates New Product Introduction (NPI). The PRG model enables rapid and cost effective introduction of products to the market, regulatory compliance, manufacturing, service, and lifecycle support. Engagements are tailored to fit business and product profiles. Twenty PRG companies currently deliver services to over four hundred clients.

Prior to the PRG, Michael was CEO of SofTEQ, an Enterprise Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) services company, where he delivered services for a broad range of technology based businesses in the medical, networking, telecom, defense, and consumer industries including Pacific Biosciences, Savi Technology, Lab126 (Amazon), and Solta Medical. Prior to joining SofTEQ, he was Director of Operations for Paramit Corporation, an Electronic Manufacturing Service provider, where he delivered services for leading edge clients such as Intuitive Surgical, DVD Play, Harmonic, and KLA-Tencor, and also held Operations Management and Engineering positions for SemiPower Systems (motor control), Ericsson/Raynet (telecom), and NCR (computer systems). He has been directly involved in multiple new high-tech electronic product introductions focused on minimizing investment, accelerating time-to-market, lowering risks, and maximizing profits.  Return to Schedule

Sandeep Duggal - CEO - Extron

Sandeep Duggal is the CEO of Extron, a supply chain solutions provider that improves flexibility and reduce risks for high technology OEM’s. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan, a graduate degree in Industrial Eng. from Stanford University, and MBA from the Harvard Business School.  Return to Schedule

Chuck Alexander - Product Manager Additive Manufacturing - Solid Concepts Inc.

Chuck Alexander, Product Manager in the Additive Manufacturing (AM) product line at Solid Concepts Inc (SCI) . The AM products include StereoLithography SLA, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), and PolyJet.Mr. Alexander was P&L manager at SCI AM operations for 18 years, responsible for quality, process and cost control, in order to grow our market and make a profit for the AM products. Before coming to SCI, Mr. Alexander worked at 3D Systems for 5 years in Application Engineering and Product Management helping define, introduce, sell and support the first AM equipment and process – SLA.  Return to Schedule

Kevin Richard Andersen - President, CEO and Founder - NPI Solutions, Inc.

Kevin Andersen, President, CEO and Founder, NPI Solutions, Inc., a provider with exceptional experience and reputation for contract design engineering, prototype and manufacturing solutions to leading-edge high tech OEM companies.  With his brand of leadership, compelling vision, passion and dedication in providing flawless quality and services, NPI is the industry leader and Global Manufacturer of Choice.  Mr. Andersen has over 30 years of remarkable experience that drives successful results in implementing high quality design, and productivity enhancements for his company and the companies he has been associated with. His extensive hands-on approach has provided him with vast knowledge and understanding of new product Introduction (NPI) from concept to feasibility, sustaining engineering, transferring of product to production and end of life support for complex electrical mechanical assemblies.  Under his management, NPI has flourished in the difficult unprecedented economic challenges.  NPI sales increased dramatically over the past 10 years. In addition he successfully expanded NPI Solutions footprint to include wholly owned companies in Singapore and Suzhou, China. Return to Schedule

Nathaniel Arnaldo - Business Development Manager - Arrk Product Development Group

Nathaniel Arnaldo has 14 years of experience in the Rapid Prototyping and Tooling Industry. While working for Arrk Product Development Group he served as lead program manager for 10 years. As a program manager Nathaniel would manage the project from start to finish and be the eyes and ears for his customers. Nathaniel lead in writing, implementing and launching Arrk’s ERP system. Nathaniel also lead in writing work instructions, implementation, training personnel and launching ISO procedures to help Arrk become an ISO certified company. Nathaniel currently serves as a business development manager. As a business development manager Nathaniel keeps up on industry trends, such as additive manufacturing, design and development. Nathaniel serves as a partner to his customers and is continually looking for ways to add value.  Return to Schedule

Wayne Firsty - VP Engineering and Product Realization - Creation Technologies

Wayne Firsty joined the Creation Technologies executive bringing with him over 15 years of manufacturing, operations, and engineering management leadership.  He has experience driving product realization success by leveraging various engineering, manufacturing and supply chain strategies and tactics. Prior to Creation, Mr. Firsty held VP and Director positions at high-tech OEMs including Fabric7 Systems, Procket Networks, and Amber Networks.  He also served as GM of Flextek Components, an enclosure company, and Plant Manager for multiple divisions of Stanley Works.
Mr. Firsty has both an MBA and a MS in Manufacturing from M.I.T., Bachelors degrees in Finance from Wharton and Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania Engineering School.  He is has a CIRM certification from APICS.  Return to Schedule

Brian Holmes - VP and General Manager - Columbia Plastics Ltd

Brian is the Vice-President and General Manager at Columbia Plastics Ltd. and has worked in custom injection molding for over 30 years. From a background in metallurgy, his experiences include molding wood waste products, composites and bioplastics. He has been involved in product and process design including metal injection molding. Brian hold a six sigma black belt from Honeywell International. He credits his personal experience with lean manufacturing techniques and flexible automation as the reason Columbia Plastics has been able to survive the off shoring trend of the last decade. Brian served as president of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers  in 2007 and served on the SME Education Foundation Board. He is a licensed Applied Science Technologist in British Columbia, a Certified Manufacturing Engineer in management and an SME Fellow.  Return to Schedule

Stan Sutton - President and CEO - Inland Metal Technologies

Stan Sutton, President and CEO of Inland Metal Technologies proudly tells the story of how his company “stole” a job from an overseas manufacturer. A confident and innovative visionary with an eye for growth and a heart for his employees, Stan has deftly steered his company around obstacles and on to manufacturing success for the past 30 years.  
Stan has achieved a definable measure of success by focusing on providing customers with the superior technical and manufacturing support they need to refine and improve their supply chain.  Planned diversity has played a key role in the success of his company, with a Bay Area customer list including Tesla Motors, Dell Computer, Lam Research, Bloom Energy and Omnicell.  An avid racer and connoisseur of fast cars, Stan brings a highly diverse background to his role including sailing around the world. For more information on Stan Sutton and Inland Metal Technologies, see www.inlandmetal.comReturn to Schedule
JoAnne Moody - President - Zeta Scientific LLC

JoAnne Moody, President , Zeta Scientific LLC, an adhesives, coatings, and medical device materials consulting company. Ms. Moody is focused on assisting engineers in the product design and development space providing customized materials research in material properties, specifications, test methods, processes, vendors, etc. Ms. Moody has worked for, or consulted with a number of companies including 3M, Boston Scientific, Raychem Corporation (now Tyco Electronics), EndoSonics Inc., etc.  Return to Schedule

Ms. Moody earned her BA degree in Chemistry from Hamline University, St. Paul, MN and MS degree from the Chemical Engineering & Material Science Department, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN. Ms. Moody has served as Silicon Valley SME Chair, Chair-Elect, and Newsletter Editor as well as delegate board member for the Silicon Valley Engineering Council (SVEC) and member of the American Chemical Society (ACS).  Return to Schedule

Ethan Escowitz - Key Account Manager - FATHOM

Ethan Escowitz is the Key Account Manager at Fathom, a 3D printing, rapid prototyping and product development company in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has 20 years of experience in sales & marketing, manufacturing and product development and has worked with companies in electronics, contract manufacturing, aerospace & defense, medical and consumer products. Ethan has been involved in all stages of the product life cycle, from development to marketing and selling products and managing vendors. Ethan's credentials include membership in the ThomasNet Presidents Club, launch of two successful products, and consulting of over a dozen manufacturing clients that realized over $1M in revenue resulting from his guidance.  Return to Schedule

Cynthia Cook - Chair - Society of Manufacturing Engineering's Silicon Valley Chapter

Cynthia Cook, Chair, Society of Manufacturing Engineering's Silicon Valley Chapter, a 401(c) non-profit. Ms. Cook is focused on acquiring and providing knowledge and connections for leading edge product development, manufacturing, student outreach and workforce development in the community.  Ms. Cook has over 17 years in manufacturing including lean, quality and new product introduction with Acuity Lighting, and Carrier Corporation.

Ms. Cook earned her Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA and MS degree in Management Science from the University of Dayton's School of Engineering, Dayton, OH. Ms. Cook has served as Silicon Valley SME Chair-Elect.  Ms. Cook is a senior member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers, served in several leadership positions within the Dayton, OH chapter, and holds a SixSigma green belt. Ms. Cook is a member of ASQ. Return to Schedule

Gerard Bessette - SME Annual Event Master of Ceremonies and SME Tour Director

Gerard Bessette is transitioning into becoming a Manufacturer Representative, providing innovative solutions to high tech companies in Silicon Valley.  Previously, Gerard was the Sales and Marketing Manager for Ozen Engineering, the ANSYS Channel Partner in California. Ozen Engineering provides software, support, training, and services for ANSYS products. Gerard maintained and created new sales channels, while educating customers on the benefits of simulation analysis to compress manufacturing schedules and improve product quality. Prior to Ozen Engineering, Gerard was a Banking Center Manager where he opened and grew a new branch. Gerard holds a Bachelors of Arts in Economics from San Jose State University and a Masters in Business Administration from Golden Gate University.
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John (Jay) H. Morewood - Owner - Zip-Bit, Inc.

Jay Morewood is owner of Zip-Bit, Inc., one of the nation’s few independent, full-service providers of 3D engineering services, 3D digitizing and 3D printing.  Zip-Bit has worked on projects for military, aerospace, transportation, medical, consumer manufacturing and a variety of other industries.   Jay has been working in the technology industry since 1976, getting his start working at ARGUS, a small firm creating IR/UV focused light equipment used in printed
circuit board manufacturing, plastics production and printing applications using UV ink, then moving on to RCA Labs at the David Sarnoff Research Center in Princeton as a MTS, working in materials science, lab automation/robotics, laser technology for video discs, and 3D holographic video.  He also worked as a contract systems programmer for AT&T and DEC and as a staff engineer at SUN before devoting full time to 3D rapid prototyping in 2006.  Return to Schedule

Ric Leyva - Automation Business Development Manager  - Valin

Ric Leyva is the Automation Business Development Manager for Valin, a leading technical solutions provider for the technology, energy, life sciences, natural resources, and transportation industries. Valin offers personalized order management, on-site field support, comprehensive training, and applied expert engineering services utilizing automation, fluid management, precision measurement, process heating, filtration, and fluid power products. Ric has served in a variety of roles including Sales, Engineering and Management and has been consistently bringing leading edge technologies to the manufacturing environment. Ric and Valin specialize in solving problems by applying off the shelf solutions and complete systems that allow quicker times to market for manufacturers and equipment builders.  Return to Schedule

Colin Kavanagh - SVP, Procurement Engineering, Philips Lighting 

Colin is a high-performing Operations Executive, with extensive experience in multi-site Global Manufacturing, Distribution, Supply Chain, Procurement and Product Development. Direct hands on experience in the US, Europe and Asia.  He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Limerick, and an MBA from University of Colorado.  Return to Schedule

Sharish Joshi -  VP of Operations - Pluribus Networks

Sharish is a senior level Operations Executive with deep expertise in Supply Chain Management, Global Outsourcing, Contract negotiations, Organizational Development, Operations Strategy Development, Demand Flow and Lean Manufacturing, and Logistics and Distribution Management.  He holds degrees from University of Pune, and the University of Rhode Island.  Return to Schedule