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Manufacturing’s Multigenerational Workforce 219

In this month's sneak-peek of the Nov. 2019, SME Speaks President's Message, you'll hear from 2019 SME President Mark Michalski as he shares his thoughts on our multigenerational manufacturing workforce. Below is an excerpt from his editorial: THE RENOWNED COMPUTER SCIENTIST Alan Kay once said, “Technology is anything that wasn’t around when you ...

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Member's Day At FABTECH 2019 218

SME and its Chicago Chapter 5 invite you to attend our upcoming Member's Day event at FABTECH 2019.* Stop by the SME Zone located near the Lakeside Center at McCormick Place. During Member's Day at FABTECH 2019 , join us for networking, learning and engagement opportunities, including: Continental breakfast VIP seating at FABx Tech Talks Emerging ...

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SME Champions Needed 215

Champions needed! SME is launching a new program: SME Connect Champions. This new program offers an opportunity for SME members to increase their involvement, help improve our digital member experiences, advocate for SME products and services, and increase the collective knowledge and expertise of our membership. Benefits of the program: ...

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SME Membership: What’s In It For Me 214

In this month's sneak peek guest editorial, published in the Oct. 2019 issue of Manufacturing Engineering magazine, Edye Buchanan , CMfgT, the 2019 chair of the SME Member Council, provides her own detailed insight into the value of SME Membership from the What's In It for Me aspect as well as the background on the work that the Member Council is ...

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