5 Things For June

News items you may have missed!
Engineers Make Parts Out of the Sugar Used in Throat Lozenges
Who knew that the cough drop could hold the future of tissue engineering and cancer research?
Company Uses Scrap Plastic & Peanut Shells to Build a Better Wood
This could be the most durable, 100%-recycled alternative to wood, and termites hate it.
One Step for Two-Material 3D Printing
The advance could help manufacturers reduce steps and use one machine to make complex products.
This humble Australian bee is helping to disrupt the plastics industry (Sydney Morning Herald)
It doesn't make honey, live in a hive or have yellow stripes, but the unassuming Australian masked bee holds the key to disrupting the trillion-dollar global plastics industry. A biotech start-up company has found the solitary masked bee's cellophane-like nesting material is not only water-repellent, as expected, but also resistant to flames, high temperatures and strong chemicals.
Detroit experiments with smart stoplights
Detroit transportation officials have spent four years on a project that will use smart stoplights along a downtown street connected to a central database to improve safety and traffic flow. The new lights will be able to prioritize emergency response vehicles and buses and adjust light times for pedestrians, cyclists and inclement weather.
Posted by Carol Tower on Jun 26, 2018 1:15 PM America/New_York