3D Printing And Scanning Workshop - VIT, Vellore.

On 15th and 16th September, SME Student Chapter VIT, Vellore had successfully organized 3D Printing and Scanning Workshop. The resource persons for the workshop were founder and co-founder of Botzlab Innovations-Mr. Pingnagan Pranavam and Mr. Prem Kumar - a niche startup making innovative 3D printed products. Being the Ex-president of the student chapter, I was the student-mentor for the workshop.

The workshop consisted of theoretical and practical hands-on session. It started with the need and the current trends in Additive Manufacturing; how additive manufacturing has evolved in the last 30 years; Industrial use cases and benefits of 3D Printing; how 3D scanning aids Additive Manufacturing- thereby reverse engineering; how to turn your mobile phone into an awesome 100 micron 3D Scanning Device; how to turn to an entrepreneur with their in-depth Focus & tips & tricks; success stories of 3D Printing business; how metal manufacturing is turning the industry upside down and last but not the least CAD essential for Digital and Additive Manufacturing. On the second day of the workshop, students were given a hands-on session with the 3D printers.

The workshop was attended by an extraordinary count of 108 students with many students from nearby and far away universities. We are happy to have received a very positive response from the participants.

P.S.  The logo of our chapter was also 3D printed. 

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Posted by Dixon Joseph on Sep 17, 2018 3:21 PM America/New_York