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Supermarket chain to employ robot to scan aisles for hazards
Marty the robot is equipped with an autonomous base, a 12-hour battery, and rotating lidar to detect objects and movement so it doesn’t collide with shoppers, carts, or other obstacles.  https://insights.globalspec.com/article/10913/supermarket-chain-to-employ-robot-to-scan-aisles-for-hazards?id=%2D1167985663&uh=c97511&email=ctower%40sme%2Eorg&md=190125&mh=c790ec&Vol=Vol14Issue1&Pub=46&LinkId=1968884&keyword=link%5F1968884&itemid=338353&et_rid=2063022419&et_mid=83804290&frmtrk=newsletter&cid=nl
Air Force taps 3D printing for fighter part
One of the world's most costly fighter jets now can boast a 3D-printed part: a titanium bracket installed last month on an F-22 Raptor during maintenance in Utah. The experiment holds promise for the small F-22 fleet because 3D printing would allow parts production as needed. https://www.3ders.org/articles/20190121-us-air-force-installs-first-3d-printed-titanium-part-on-f-22-fighter-aircraft.html
Mich. researchers develop ultrafast 3D-printing method
Typically, 3D-printed objects are made one line of resin at a time, but researchers at the University of Michigan have found a way to make the process 100 times faster by utilizing two lasers to control how the resin cures in a vat. https://interestingengineering.com/new-3d-printer-prints-100-times-faster-than-standard-printers
Tires may one day repair themselves
Engineers at the University of Southern California have developed a type of 3D-printed rubber that can repair itself, holding promise for products such as tires and shoes. The key was achieving just the right combination of a chemical group called thiols and an oxidizer to create self-repairing disulfides through photopolymerization. https://interestingengineering.com/3d-printed-self-repairing-shoes-and-tires-coming-soon
New Coating Repels Ice from Any Surface
A new durable silicone polymer coating is capable of repelling ice from any surface. The spray-on material is unaffected by ultraviolet rays and does not change the aircraft's aerodynamic performance.
2018 Was Another Year of Incredible Progress for American Wind Power.
Greg Alvarez of the American Wind Energy Association highlights a number of trends that made 2018 a banner year for wind energy, including the wind development pipeline and interest in offshore wind reaching all-time highs, plus new wind production records set by regional transmission organizations
Manufacturers are Using AR to Solve Workplace Inefficiencies
Augmented reality is an important training tool for manufacturers that can also streamline the process for repairing equipment, Scope AR co-founder and CEO Scott Montgomerie says. "With a dwindling labor force coupled with an increased need for highly trained and specialized workers, the importance of technologies like AR will play an increasingly critical role in the manufacturing industry," he writes.  https://www.manufacturing.net/article/2019/01/how-augmented-reality-modernizing-manufacturing
Posted by Carol Tower on Feb 19, 2019 8:44 AM America/New_York