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Today we welcome Conrad Mercurius, Coordinator of Advanced Manufacturing Tech at Raritan Valley Community College, who joins us to discuss how to attract young talent to the manufacturing workforce and engage them in exciting careers.
Recently, we posted the <a href="">first installment</a> of our two-part series about the essential questions you should ask before launching an elearning program. This is a subject that stirs up a lot of conversation.
Today we welcome Rob Luce, Vice President of the SME Education Foundation, for insights into the Foundation&rsquo;s crucial role in addressing the manufacturing skills gap.
Leadership has green-lighted a new elearning program, and you are excited to roll it out. You smile thinking about the productivity gains which will lead to cost savings. You know offering this training benefit will motivate your teams and build loyalty.
Recently, Tooling U-SME launched a new <a href="">mobile app</a> for manufacturing training &ndash; and it&rsquo;s quickly picking up steam. Users &mdash; especially the younger generations &mdash; love that they can complete training anywhere.<br /> <br /> Here&rsquo;s a quick overview. For Android and Apple mobile devices, including phones and tablets, the app allows you to:
Everything we do at Tooling U-SME is intentional. We exist to build the skills of the manufacturing workforce and fill the industry&#39;s pipeline with highly qualified talent. Our primary goal is to enhance the capabilities of the very people who will help their companies drive quality, improve efficiency, increase productivity, expand innovation and ultimately gain profitability.