Is it better to always start with the bronze certification ?
This is Viswanath.  I have been in manufacturing and projects for more than three decades.  I joined SME early this year and would like to get certified to Lean.  Though I have been practicing various forms of continuous improvement for a long time now, I felt having a certification is something worthwhile.

I have been pondering over which Certification to apply for.  On taking the Lean Preparedness test the answers of which are based on the on the nature and level of activities one is involved, it recommends me to take the Gold certification.

Can someone advise if it is better to start with the bronze certification or is it okay to go with the Gold directly.
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You're Welcome!  Check back this weekend for more responses, I'm hoping those who are silver or gold certified will respond and have more personal information for you. I'm not close to those levels yet and currently working on bronze certification- so I can only provide the basic info, they can give a better insight as many have been through all levels :)
Thanks Jodi. Highly appreciate your response. 

That's great! Certification is definitely worthwhile and shows mastery of Lean at various levels. I recommend reviewing the documents on the website and seeing the competencies each level cover, if you feel you have mastered those areas in the bronze and silver levels then perhaps gold may be your starting point. Here is the document for gold-      - the other levels are available on the website as well.


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