New EB/Laser welding project with motion and automation
I am a SME member in chapter 29.  I am located on the NW side of Houston near 249 and the Beltway 8.  I'm reaching out for guidance through SME with my current project.  My past work history included full service job shop of highly precision EB welding primarily for the oil/gas industry.  I have been approached by a customer and hired to consult for them to research, evaluate, purchase equipment, and setup and run a EB/Laser shop for their specific production of a downhole tool. I want to use the SME community as a research and evaluation tool to help make the best and accurate decision for the equipment purchase. Maybe you could steer me in that direction. Not only does this tool have many welds, the rotation and the motion is difficult and very critical.  CRAZY.  Also automation comes into play for machine time cost/weld. I have the tool drawings to share for the evaluation for the equipment after a NDA is signed. I'm communicating with 5 EB companies and 2 Laser companies.  Thanks for any help.  
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Good morning Ron,

I cross-posted your discussion thread yesterday in the general discussions area. Below is the link to the thread and the responses you're receiving:


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