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Kyle Smith
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Hello Houston SME community,
I'm starting to understand the value of a "Master Mind" group (as explained here). Are there any of you who are involved in 3D printing or additive manufacturing in the Houston area that would like to form such a group? 
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It would appear that we certainly have enough interest to form a committee on AM if one does not already exist. Your experience would be a great asset to such a group; Marcos VilledaSandra JuarezWayne Mausbach‍ we should explore this further at the next officer meeting. Thank you for your willingness to collaborate Bin; will confirm and advise. Have a great day! 

Best Regards, 
Jacob Rahdarian, CMfgE
Bin Fan
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Kyle and Jacob,

I will join the 3D printing community if anybody can tell me how to join. I am eager to see all potential applications in 3D area. At 1998 I did my master degree research on Rapid Prototyping and Tooling, which was renamed 3D printing later on. I am doing all kinds of projects at home with my plastic 3D printer now. A lot of large manufacturers in Houston area have multiple metallic 3D printers. If you guys can connect to them and get a chance to see, that will be nice!

The SME Houston chapter is currently having discussions about scheduling a plant tour at a local manufacturing company in Houston that specializes in various types of metal/plastic Additive Manufacturing applications, but we have yet to schedule a date/time; we should know more in the next week or so after the next officers meeting. 

Best Regards, 
Jacob Rahdarian, CMfgE

If the offer still stands, I echo Dulce Almazan‍'s interest in joining. I like the idea of engaging in a, "Mastermind" group as I'm an advocate of mentorship and enjoy collaborating with professionals of diverse backgrounds. I cut my teeth in Additive Manufacturing 15 years ago, when I was a junior in Hempstead High School. At the time, we were one of three schools in the nation to have acquired a Z-Corporation (acquired by 3D Systems) printer, which utilized a binder jetting technology to produce components modeled in CAD (using SolidEdge at the time). I invested in an FDM type desktop printer a couple of years ago (and a seat of Solidworks/Mastercam) so I would have some practical knowledge to bring to the group. I've been studying for the CMTSE credential through AMT which I test out for July 22nd, but intend to pickup where I left off in aspiring towards obtaining CAM-F/T credentials offered by SME. Let's keep the conversation going, I look forward to learning with you. 

Best Regards, 
Jacob Rahdarian, CMfgE
Hello Kyle,
I'm interested in learning about Additive Manufacturing technologies and how they are being applied here in Houston area. Do you have an established group or simply connecting with people individually? Perhaps you are meeting virtually during these times. I would like to join.

This seems like a great idea, SME can host locations for the mastermind meetings if you are interested.
Afternoon Kyle,  I am up for being in the group

Kelly Knake   713-907-5801

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