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ebe46c31ceab8933af5c58947568ddb1-huge-viThe SME Virtual Network — created for members by members — is an open forum for anyone interested in advanced manufacturing, professional development and peer-to-peer engagement.
149dc08802a50467192df1aa8127c56b-huge-diPeer-to-peer platform — engage in direct communication with your colleagues and fellow SME members, whenever, wherever, by text, audio or video. Follow chapter events discussions and Q&A's with speakers, share information or start a new channel for a topic of interest. We welcome the public to participate in the conversations as well. Click logo to join.     5d157891426e9b90ca105227d14c7683-huge-20We embrace open source completely to provide hands-on educational opportunities and to encourage students and professionals to get engaged with open source. Click logo to join.
4e9e9cda22ae7eb36ff5429adad2d509-huge-liWe're an open, community-driven platform for professional development. Our technical focus is discussing, knowledge acquisition and engaging in advanced manufacturing technology. We welcome your feedback — good or bad. Click logo to join.     b5a744b6935f5c3b8d9c811a3a5abaaa-huge-ytWe're compiling a library of unique, engaging and immersive web experiences to enrich and educate. Our library includes webinars, technical training, professional and career development, advanced manufacturing technology, SME individual and collaborative chapter events, inspirational industry stories and we are just getting started. Click logo to join.

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