Connecting Materials, Processes, Systems and Talent To Drive U.S. Economic and National Security 1021
Connecting Materials, Processes, Systems and Talent To Drive U.S. Economic and National Security
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The connection between materials, processes, systems, and talent, what LIFT calls “Smarter Manufacturing,” is the special sauce that will define the future of national economic security and resiliency. It is clear the next industrial and economic powerhouse will be the country or region that masters smarter manufacturing first – and it is our mission to make sure that is the United States.

LIFT is a nonprofit Department of Defense-supported manufacturing innovation institute and public-private partnership between government, industry, and academia focused on advancing manufacturing technology and talent.

This webinar will highlight LIFT’s in-house research and work in connecting materials, processes, systems, and talent, and the support it provides small and medium-sized manufacturers in making those connections.

From understanding new additive processes like wire-arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) and cold spray, to low-volume incremental sheet forming (ISF) and developing the advanced manufacturing talent needed through education and skilled trades training, LIFT is Driving American Manufacturing Into the Future.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how LIFT is developing an advanced manufacturing ecosystem in support of small and medium-sized manufacturers making the transition to smarter manufacturing.
  • Learn how LIFT’s technology research is developing faster, better, and cheaper methods of manufacturing.
  • Learn how LIFT is preparing the advanced manufacturing workforce of tomorrow, as well as today.


Joe Steele
Senior Director, Communications and Legislative Affairs


Joe Steele is the Senior Director of Communications and Legislative Affairs at LIFT and has been with the institute since 2016. In his role, Joe is responsible for building media and key community and legislative stakeholder relationships and partnering with the institute’s technology and talent teams to tell LIFT’s story about how the institute is Driving American Manufacturing Into the Future.

John Keogh
Director of Engineering


John came to ALMMII in 2018; joining LIFT to develop technical capabilities and advance LIFT, and to see through the successful execution of programs and high technology. Dr. Keogh is an accomplished analytical chemist and engineer with 16 years of experience in R&D, synthetic chemistry, analytical chemistry, manufacturing, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering, covering a wide spectrum of disciplines, instrumentation, machinery, and electronics. A natural and innovative problem solver, exercising clear and concise decision-making skills, with proven experience in equipment design, fabrication, operation, and troubleshooting, in addition to method and process development. He maintains award-winning communication skills and strong leadership shown through classroom instruction of 500+ students at the University of Arizona, with associated reviews and awards, as well as through various industrial and academic achievements and capacities. His most notable recent success involved the design, machining, installation, and validation of a quasi-optical beam-waveguide system (a complex optical system) for a millimeter-wave spectrometer, which itself is used for the determination of molecular structures and material properties. Currently, at LIFT, Dr. Keogh is focused on the development and maturation of new and highly-advanced agile manufacturing processes; including Smarter Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM), which is formed through a combination of artificial intelligence, the digital thread, and robust imaging and sensing of the process and product. Dr. Keogh completed his doctoral degree under Dr. Lucy Ziurys at the University of Arizona, focusing on analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, and astrochemistry. Additionally, he holds an M.A. in chemistry, and B.S. degrees in chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular cellular biology and molecular biophysics. You can reach him at, or by calling his cell phone at (520) 548-5402.

Date & Time
Tuesday April 20th, 2021 2:00pm EDT
End Date & Time
Tuesday April 20th, 2021 3:00pm EDT
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