FABTECH 2017 Chicago ILC Workshop 10

FABTECH 2017 Chicago ILC Workshop


AWF100: Laser Welding for Today's Fabricator Workshop

Tuesday, November 07, 2017: 8:00 AM - 12:30 PM


This workshop is full of experts covering the latest advancements on laser welding. Topics include: design consideration, industrial laser welding, laser sources for fiber, disk and diode, system overview, hybrid laser welding and additive technologies. Attendees will have additional time to discuss any application with the experts.

Essential Considerations for Laser Welding: From Component Design to Implementation
As the use of lasers become more widespread, designers and product engineers alike need to gain familiarity with not only the properties, advantages and applicability of the laser welding process, but also with how to design components, assemblies and systems for successful laser welding. Material selection, weld joint design, component part preparation, and part fixturing are all critical to successful implementation of the laser welding process.
David Havrilla - TRUMPF Inc.

Introduction to Industrial Laser Welding
Discussions of the different laser welding regimes and how they compare to other welding technologies. Typical examples of micro and macro welding applications will be presented and will reference the basic laser hardware and process techniques required. Featured at the end of the discussion will be the latest technology for weld monitoring.
Tom Kugler - Laser Mechanisms, Inc.

Laser Sources for Industrial Laser Welding: Fiber, Disk and Diode
Several of the most common laser technologies will be presented with an explanation of their mode of operation, distinctive characteristics and typical applications. Laser welding processes have been used for over 40 years. Many laser technologies have emerged to solve the most demanding challenges. From the high-power CO2 lasers to the more recent technologies such as high-power diode, disk and fiber lasers, each laser technology brings different advantages making welding processes more efficient.
Jean-Philippe Lavoie – Coheren

System Overview for Laser Welding
Elements of a laser welding system are presented, covering how the laser light is delivered to the work area, focus heads, how the part or laser is moved to create the weld, and the importance of tooling. Each is presented with reference to various manufacturing environments to provide a basic understanding of how each element is selected. Examples of laser systems will be shown for industries such as automotive, battery pack and medical device manufacturer.
Mark Rodighiero - Amada Miyachi America

Material Selection for Laser Welding
One of the most important decisions for a laser welding application is selecting the correct material for component functionality and weldability. This presentation will provide a primer on how to make the right choice, and review the recommended materials for the medical, automotive and electronics industries and why to select those materials. Studies will be shared with application examples. The role of laser selection will be covered, as will the welding of dissimilar metals.
Geoff Shannon - Amada Miyachi America

Hybrid Laser Welding
Paul Denney - Lincoln Electric

Laser Welding and Additive Technologies
Laser Welding and Additive Technology is rapidly evolving into a new and exciting industry with a wide range of industrial applications. The presentation will include: why use a laser for welding, hybrid laser welding and industrial additive manufacturing with lasers.
Wayne Penn - Alabama Laser


David Havrilla
Geoff Shannon
Amada Miyachi America
Jean-Philippe Lavoie
Mark Rodighiero
Amada Miyachi America
Neil Ball
Directed Light Inc.
Paul Denney
Lincoln Electric
Tom Kugler
Laser Mechanisms, Inc.
Wayne Penn
Alabama Laser
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