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Ann Marie Batkoski
Raymond Kelly
With COVID-19, what are your Rocks? Any of you that have been through any Lean, you’ve probably been (overly) ...
hi Ray!   this is a great (and timely) update of a classic graphics.  Covid really has added to the rocks, and thrown ...
Hello Ray,

Ours are State and Local health restrictions for operations and the inability to visit Tier 2 supplier ...

Another rock is brick an mortar mentality.   Many jobs can be done remotely for short or long periods of time.   What ...

Ken Bauman Ken Bauman Aug '21

Nice graphic! 

It looks like most of the “rocks” noted are internal, but the most frustrating ones are those that we ...

Ken Fanger
It starts with a simple question - Do you feel that cyber security is making you safer?  Please share your feelings ...
Ron Gill
Check out our "open source programming" resources @, there is a Discord link at the top of the ...
Ron Gill Category Open Discussion Forum Jun '20
Ben Reese
  Are you struggling to attract talent and retain your workforce? Is your company having trouble meeting demand ...
Ben Reese Category Open Discussion Forum Oct '22
Tony Saunders
Hello everyone, I am  in my last week of data collection as part of the requirements for my doctoral Dissertation. I ...
Recommendation Needed
Ryan Zeng Ryan Zeng Oct '21

Hi Tony,

I clicked the link and it says it is no longer accepting responses. Hope you already have sufficient ...


I know this is late and I hope you got all the data needed. 

Johnny Lasikeo
Please feel free to share. Our Federal Signal plant located in University Park, Illinois has responded to the ...
Thank you for your hard work and dedication to health and safety through manufacturing. 
James McMahon
SME members work in many industries. Members join the society for a number of reasons.  I became a member of SME with ...
Tony Saunders
You are invited to participate in a Dissertation survey on the "security by design" of the IoT-enabled home ...
Dianna Helka
Welcome to the open discussion forum on SME Connect. Please utilize this space to share your thoughts on current ...

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Hello everyone.  The Chapter Enhancement Committee (CEC) is planning a Webinar for July 25th for chapters to ...
Todd Tripp May '23
Best Practices
Where would you start to search if you were looking for torque standards for tightening set screws in aluminum and ...
The 2023 INFORMS Conference on Quality, Statistics, and Reliability (ICQSR) invites poster presentations in ...
Shenghan Guo Mar '23
Dear SME Family, SME Waterloo Chapter 186 is getting ready to participate in the upcoming STEM Festival in the ...
Krishna Vuppala Feb '23