Learning To Use Connect 12

Learning To Use Connect

Greetings!  I think I qualify as an old school member of SME.   That may be why I struggle with Connect.  I like the idea of posting a question and getting feedback from SME members.  I would like to learn more about the ways that chapters, communities and SME HQ uses (or plan to use) Connect.  I welcome your feedback

This is the first time I have entered a blog posting. 
Blog SME Connect Blog 11/16/2017 11:57am EST

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Congratulations on your first blog posting Henry!
When the UK Chapter gets up and running I'm sure we'll be looking to develop a Student chapter immediately afterwards, with many UK universities in the midlands being within 45 minutes of one another we have a very concentrated source for members.

I think - from speaking to a few of our prospective student members that we would be looking to use this site as the central event hub for tours, seminars etc - as well as an opportunity to ask blanket questions to the SME member-base as you have already mentioned.

Great to hear from you

Gareth Collins
Manufacturing Engineer - Group Lead - Process & Factory Support
Rolls-Royce - Derby - UK