5 Things For December 146

5 Things For December

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Alaska DOT using polystyrene on roadbed
The Al Department of Transportation is using expanded polystyrene as insulation on 50 miles of the 414-mile road through the Alaskan wilderness. The material will help maintain the temperature and stability of the permafrost and raise the road above the flood level.

New scanner yields first 3D images of human anatomy
Researchers from the University of California at Davis and Shanghai-based Universal Imaging Healthcare have produced the first 3D scans of the entire human body. The Explorer scanner brings together positron emission tomography and X-ray computed tomography while exposing subjects to much less radiation due to a degree of sensitivity that's as much as 40 times greater than current widely used systems.

Chinese Scientists Create Long-Lasting Rewritable Paper
Researchers from China’s Fujian Normal University have created an easy-to-make ‘rewritable’ paper that can be drawn or printed on any number of times.

How AI will affect the maintenance, service industries
Artificial intelligence is more likely to supplement human intelligence in the maintenance and service industry than make human workers obsolete, writes Bas de Vos. Meanwhile, AI is poised to reduce machine failure rates in manufacturing and aid maintenance and service capabilities through predictive algorithms.

Fluoride may carry battery charge better than lithium
Fluoride-based batteries that last much longer than the lithium-ion variety may be in store, thanks to research at Caltech, the Honda Research Institute, JPL and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Fluoride has long been known to possess qualities superior to lithium but has been difficult to stabilize for that purpose, a problem now solved with development of an electrolyte liquid known as bis(2,2,2-trifluoroethyl)ether.

Tokyo 2020 will Feature Medals Made from e-Waste
The Japanese are aiming to make the 2020 Olympic Games truly memorable by awarding winners with medals made from e-waste.

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