6 New Gamification Winners (and 2 New VIPs!)

We're happy to announce that we have six new gamification winners! Please join us in congratulating these six members for their high-level contributions and engagement on SME Connect during the first and second quarter of 2019:

First Quarter 2019

Dustin Donnell, The University of Tulsa

Second Place Contributor
Malay Desai, Arol North America Inc.

Third Place Contributor
Sherman Mumford, CMfgE, UNC Charlotte

Second Quarter 2019

Garrett Derr Sr., USSC Group Inc.

Second Place Contributor
Bob Matthew, Quality Engineering Management Inc.

Third Place Contributor
Sherif El Wakil, PhD, LSME, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth

In their member profiles, you'll see that Dustin and Garrett are now sporting their new VIP badges (they, along with Adam Cook, are the only three members to achieve this badge). We also re-introduced our President's Circle into our gamification/badges area. Members who recruit new members into SME can achieve various levels (diamond, platinum, gold, silver and bronze) based on their overall recruitment numbers, which can ultimately result in a lifetime of dues-free membership.

You can check out the badge glossary here and learn more about the point system here. You can also start adding badges at any time by completing your profile (i.e., adding a bio), uploading a photo, starting or replying to a discussion, liking a post and/or adding/accepting connections. In addition to badges, prizes are available!

Please join us in congratulating Dustin, Malay, Sherman, Garrett, Bob and Sherif! We appreciate all your efforts on SME Connect as well as your membership! 😊
Posted by Dianna Helka on Sep 20, 2019 5:00 PM America/New_York