From The Desk Of...Mark Michalski 221

From The Desk Of...Mark Michalski

In the October From the Desk of..., 2019 SME President Mark Michalski shares his experience as a longtime SME member and the value he's derived over the last 27 years: 

196e39abeaf3a851e98be23f01fcaed1-huge-ma"In my installation speech last November, as I assumed the role of 2019 SME president, and which I later echoed in my January SME Speaks article, I stated it was a single phone call from an SME national leader that changed my life forever. Looking back on my SME membership from the beginning to today, I now realize that it was my first chapter meeting in 1992, before I officially joined, that put me on the path to where I am today.

I was looking for a job and networking opportunities. At the recommendation of a colleague, I went to a Boston Chapter 33 meeting. It’s a long story, but over the next 27 years, as an SME volunteer, I've served in many roles as a proud member and sometimes leader in this important organization.

Over the years, SME has provided me with a multitude of valued experiences:
  • Connections to industry peers
  • Trusted knowledge and resources on manufacturing technology and trends 
  • Career-enhancing leadership opportunities 
  • And most importantly of all, a deeper connection to the greater manufacturing community
I've had the opportunity to speak with and make connections to a wide variety of people throughout our community of manufacturing. From emerging professionals via our scholarship programs and PRIME schools’ program to local and national government leaders to technology innovators in industry and academia from all over the world. Without SME, these experiences would never have happened."

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Also, please join us in congratulating Mark on a highly successful year as our president. He and other dedicated volunteer leaders like him are an integral part of SME's success. Thank you, Mark! 🙌

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