Pro-Tip Guide To Know What Is The Best Air Compressor Type Is Right For You 251

Pro-Tip Guide To Know What Is The Best Air Compressor Type Is Right For You


Air compressor is a machine that can power up different kinds of air tools or pneumatic tools like impact wrenches, spray guns, air nailers, and portable compressors that are usually used by professional handymen. 

If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person who most likely loves to do small repairs, fixing cars, or into home improvements, you would have heard about air compressors. Yet, the term is most commonly used in mechanical and industrial shops.


You might have thought that air compressors are just for big mechanical project repairs and other construction works. But did you know that there are different types of air compressors that suit your needs?  

This article will help you guide what is the best air compressor type you need for your current project. And this might even help you look into details that will save you a considerable amount of money. 

Mounting Options 

There are several types of air compressors out in the market, and knowing their mounting options will help you decide which one works for you the best. There are two types of mounting options you can find in an air compressor

  • Mounted or Permanent Mount 

  • Unmounted or Portable Mount

Let us discuss the difference between these two and how this can be a primary key in choosing the right air compressor for you. 

1) Mounted or Permanent Mount 

From the word "permanent," which means it is mounted in a specific place — immovable and fixed, a permanent mount air compressor is highly ideal for mechanical or permanent shops. Mounted air compressors are more powerful compared to portable mount compressors and have higher air capacity (CFM or cubic feet per minute output). Upgrading its air and water filters are more accessible, and it is less expensive as well. 

If you are thinking of getting yourself a business like machine repairs and other business that requires a mounted air compressor, you can check Elite Compressed Air Newcastle if you like to purchase one in the future. 

2) Unmounted or Portable Mount 

Portable air compressors offer an advantage in mobility and versatility. This advantage of portable air compressors outshines the permanent mount air compressors since many users now look for portability. Also, small projects don't require great power that permanent mount compressors can offer. 

If you want to perform a small task at home like doing car tune-ups, inflating your kid's bike tire, or to power a blower, a portable air compressor is the right one for you — no need to look for heavy-duty compressors for small tasks. 


Power Options

Since you already know about the mounting options, the next thing you should consider is the power options of an air compressor. There are two types of power options as well: 

  • Gasoline 

  • Electric 

Here's the difference between the two: 

1) Gasoline 

Gas air-compressors are highly advantageous when electricity is not available or using electricity power is too much for you. In many cases, gasoline is used as an alternative to power up equipment. 

Gasoline usage  is highly considered, especially in remote areas. So, if you have plans to save your electric bills, you can opt to choose gas air-compressors. But you need to reconsider the cost of gas-refills when you pick this power option. 


2) Electricity 

Electricity is available anywhere, primarily if you are residing in a city, there's a low  percentage of losing electric power interruption. Hence, electric-powered air compressors are highly viable, making it the best choice for many users. 

The only drawback of this compressor is that it consumes high electricity, which leads to an increase in electric bill charges.


Stage Options 

In layman's term, "stages" is "air pressure," and every air compressor has one or more stages. There are only two  types of stage options:

  • Single Stage 

  • Multistage


1) Single Stage 

Technically speaking, a single-stage air compressor performs a one-time air compression.  Which means the air is compressed at once with 120 PSI (pounds per square inch) or less. 

Single-stage air compressors can handle woodworking projects like nailing and sanding. It can also manage home projects like inflating balls or portable swimming pools. 

2) Multistage 

A multistage compressor compressed air two times or more to regulate higher power. Unlike single-stage, it produces a higher PSI level making it effective in powering pneumatic tools and other types of machineries found in industrial plants. 

Another example where the multistage air compressor works best is doing metalworks. Activities like grinding and shearing require a multistage air compressor to get the job done efficiently. 



There are many types of air compressors available in the market today, and choosing one shouldn't be difficult. You just need to know what kind of project and activity you will use and the frequency of your usage. 

Purchasing an air compressor indeed is an addition to your expenses, so taking the time to learn the details about the equipment is required. Get to know more about the equipment and decide which type works best for you.

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