AR And VR Usage In Manufacturing Training And Safety 367

AR And VR Usage In Manufacturing Training And Safety

With Smart manufacturing exploding and more resources being dedicated to this technology why are we moving so slow to implement this into our safety strategy? The numbers from the recent CGS report on Augmented Reality are extremely encouraging. (1) 

In December 2020, 44 percent of operational leaders indicated that a majority of their team’s personnel are made up of desk-less workers or are currently working remotely. More than one-quarter reported that over 75 percent of their staff were currently working remote/desk-less. Furthermore, In operations, our goal is to get the right people in the right positions and make sure they can achieve greatness. Rehiring and retraining waste time and resources, a lot of time and resources. According to RecruiterBox, the average cost per hire in the manufacturing industry is $5,159. This means we are not even throwing good money after bad; we are reinvesting bad money on top of bad.

Manufacturers say it takes upwards of three months to fill openings for engineers, researchers and scientists, and in turn, these vacant positions impact several business areas, notably productivity (51 percent), growth (47 percent), customer service (42 percent) and innovation (43 percent).

Training is vital to our future. I’m currently working on developing a team to work to develop a VR and AR solution for Stamping and Fabrication, please let me know if you have an interest and/or expertise in developing the next level of Smart Training. We are also looking to invite guests to join us on our Destiny of Manufacturing podcast to give their views on the 5-year outlook of manufacturing.

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