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Hello my fellow SME colleagues and friends!

I'm Farhad Ghadamli, CAM-F, lead engineer with Dm3d Technology LLC, and one of your 2023-24 SME Member Council representatives.

It's a great pleasure to share some of the lessons I've learned after serving two years as chair of one of the largest SME chapters, Oakland-Macomb Chapter 69, located in Metro Detroit. When you serve as a local SME chapter leader, you're well positioned to help make a difference in your local community and support SME with all its efforts to make an impact in manufacturing. As a leader, I've learned you have to have courage, dedication and passion to take on a variety of initiatives.

During my time as chair of Chapter 69, with the support of the other chapter officers, we were able to expand the chapter's membership base, collaborate with other organizations' local professional chapters, as well as other SME sister chapters in the states and Canada, while also achieving Platinum Award Status. This all came to fruition after numerous hours of communication and planning. You have to be willing to sacrifice your time and energy for the greater good. Serving in a chapter chair role will be rewarding and challenging, and one needs to be ready to take on the responsibilities.

For me, one of the benefits of being a local leader was that I was able to advocate for my technical field interest, which is additive manufacturing. I learned about 3D printing in 2013, and later, standing on the stage at RAPID + TCT in Chicago as one of the 2021 SME Aubin AM Case Study Award winners, it was an extremely proud moment in my professional career. I cannot find any other technology event in the U.S. better than RAPID + TCT, and I'm excited to be attending again this year. Thanks to SME, this event brings thousands of professionals in one place to share and learn the most up-to-date knowledge on additive manufacturing that there is, and best of all, the state-of-art is all on the show floor!

This year, I'm honored to be serving SME through its Member Council. Staying in direct, close contact with SME’s membership management team, I can now bring forward what I've learned as a student and professional leader to make sure we can support our members first, and second, to help with advancing manufacturing and manufacturing technology. I'm going to continue supporting not only Chapter 69, but also, SME’s large body of membership.

If you're attending RAPID + TCT in Chicago, I look forward to seeing you and interacting on the SME Events+ app!
Farhad Ghadamli, CAM-F
Lead Engineer 
Dm3d Technology LLC
SME Member Since 2012
Blog SME Connect Blog 04/19/2023 2:10pm EDT