From The Desk Of..... Gicell Aleman 464

From The Desk Of..... Gicell Aleman

Hello everyone! I’m Gicell Aleman, a second year Manufacturing Engineer with Valmet Flow Control in Shrewsbury, MA and an SME member since 2018. I am also serving as a representative on the 2023 SME Member Council.

A little about my SME journey…I started in my undergrad at Indiana Institute of Technology  attending an engineering class and my professor said I should join SME. Let me tell you, I did not give it much thought, yet he kept asking and asking. Fast forward two years. Want to know what he asked? You should come to a meeting and after that, I just said why not? I joined SME and after my first year as a member, I became president of the Indiana Institute of Technology  student chapter S345 and remained as president until I graduated. I started serving on SME committees back in 2019 and serving on the Member Council gave me the push that I needed to start developing into my professional role.

I am still fairly new to industry, yet as I look back at my interview days, I think about how I could have given a better interview. I have learned a few tips from my involvement with SME and Jobs Connection and for those students who are commencing their job search remember:
  1. Have someone review your resume - Your campus career center, an upperclassmen or alumni who has a job similar to what you want
  2. Do your research - We all know to research a company before your interview but also, research what exactly you want to do and what exactly that job title responsibility contains
  3. Do not be afraid to ask questions - You are excited and nervous during the interview but remember, this could be your potential employer, you should ask as many questions as needed so you can accurately assess your potential team as well.
  4. Go in with confidence - You are ready for your interview; you have your professional outfit, and you have your questions ready to go. Let your personality shine and let your knowledge flow. You got this!

What’s next for me? One thing I always knew I wanted to achieve was my master’s degree.  After a few months in my field and networking with other SME members, I decided to go forward and apply. My volunteering with SME has provided opportunities to build confidence and knowledge that I use every day in my master’s program. I do not know my next big step after this master’s program, but that is okay, and I know the SME network will be there to help.

SME has a large network for you to connect with anyone you think of. Use SME's network to reach out for a mentor, reach out to learn technology, reach out to engage and use SME to help advance - I did. I encourage you to reach out to me on SME Connect!
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