Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing and Quality

Do not be Fooled by this AI.
5 AI Tools for Life Science Quality & Manufacturing (
[The recent explosion of artificial intelligence (AI) applications opens a world of possibility in the life sciences industry, offering the potential for tools integrated across quality and manufacturing operations that can streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and ensure best-in-class quality standards. But professionals working in life sciences companies need more than hype – they need practical uses for powerful new tools. That’s why they’re continually asking questions like, “How can we use AI for quality control in manufacturing?” or “How can I apply AI in quality management?"]

Experts in Quality Management - Master Control QMS Software

Above materials are from the Master control web site, message received from them.
Caution: Do not be fooled by the AI any longer, when you remove the face cover, you will see that root of this technology is Statistics, it is an after the fact process or we can say that it is generated from the old data. Anybody will fall for such an advanced technology with old tactics [because the victims are the ones who have no fundamental knowledge of engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain management] especially when it comes from a huge company like this (master control). They have studied the population very well and knew that an empty basket will take anything, yes that is exactly right, empty mind will go for anything new (AI) It comes in different forms and shapes, if there are organizations waiting to grab these hooks, it is easy for MC (Master Control) to fish you out of the blind waters.

What a world we are in today? There are educations (good business) all over the countries and the graduates comes out with their degrees without any practical experience and incapable to support our manufacturing industries of any specialty like – Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Medical Devices and General Engineering. Just think about the investment we make in the education of our children, are they getting the return on investment?

Time to change this trend, educate with a purpose of building technical knowledge in the younger age (from high school level) if you don’t plant it No chance to grow, very simple as that. Do you know how many teachers there are they can’t solve a simple Math problem? If so, how can they teach their students? Our system needs to change.

I am standing here like a (David & Goliath) poor man with the most wanted tool to support any manufacturing industries. No need for data mining, to do analysis of what? If it is bad data, how can it produce quality result? So, we will end up with Junk in and junk out mode again, where is quality there, they proclaim in a loud voice Quality is their goal. I will attach the link to their “Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Tools for Quality and Manufacturing Professionals”. If you really add up the costs for all the initiatives they are bringing, you are not saving anything but incurring more cost to build a defective (statistically speaking) product.

What we need is – Industrial Statistics – no more data collection and analysis, you create all the parameters or data needed to process the products as specified in the Contract. R SPC software is the core of Industrial Statistics. This program will help you to tailor quality into the manufacturing process, check and balance are part of this program, so you don’t have to repeat them again, big cost advantages are right there. We will walk you through the process step by step from the beginning till the delivery of the product or completion of the project, we will guide you, teach your team to give more confidence on what this tool can do to build the products correctly that give you trust and confidence in this new technology, that you will never get from others.

Only One time investment, visit our site at: for more details and you may contact us by phone given in the Company Overview page. This is a Game Changer, that most of the manufacturing industries are waiting for or looking for, what are you waiting for?
I know, you are thinking about, SPC, Six Sigma, Process Capability etc. they are part of this program.
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