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Career Development Forum at RAPID + TCT 185

The Career Development Forum at SME's upcoming RAPID + TCT event in Detroit is designed for college and university students, faculty members and emerging professionals. This forum takes place Wed., May 22 and Thurs., May 23 in the SME Zone.     Register for the Career Development Forum to hear Tech Talks from additive manufacturing experts who will ...

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IRAMP Poised To Accelerate Adoption Of Additive Manufacturing 184

In two recent  Manufacturing Engineering and Smart Manufacturing magazine articles by Michael Grieves, PhD, chief scientist for advanced manufacturing at the Florida Institute of Technology, Grieves talks about how, after years of hype and predictions, additive manufacturing is on the brink of becoming the disruptive technology that will ...

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New White Paper Released: Career Readiness For All 182

A few years ago, SME and six other industry-leading organizations formed an alliance to address some of America’s most critical national challenges in education and job readiness, i.e., the widening skills gap, soaring college debt, high college dropout rates and the shortage of career counselors. This convening resulted in the creation of the ...

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