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  • Member Spotlight: Joel Neidig
    Member Spotlight: Joel Neidig
    "SME provides a way to connect with manufacturing professionals across the globe, leveraging a knowledge base that I otherwise would not have access to. We have a community we can rely on and be digitally connected to. So check it out, there’s a whole community there for you!"  Joel Neidig, CEO and Co-Founder, SIMBA Chain, Director of Research & ... more
  • Member Spotlight: Brett Peters, PhD
    Member Spotlight: Brett Peters, PhD
    "The ways to volunteer and support are virtually endless; the value is most certainly priceless. Our future, manufacturing’s future, SME’s future is in your hands — engage in personal growth, help a student chapter, support the emerging professionals and ensure our manufacturing community thrives!" Brett A. Peters, PhD, Dean and Professor, ... more
  • Member Spotlight: Ryan Mulcahy, CMfgT, CAM-T
    Member Spotlight: Ryan Mulcahy, CMfgT, CAM-T
    “I truly feel that all that SME does on a multitude of levels really benefits me in my position and in my career in a big way, thus I am very thankful for it, and even more so proud to be an SME member.”    Ryan Mulcahy, CMfgT, CAM-T, Materials and Process Engineer, BLUE ORIGIN, SME Member Since 2015   Connect with Ryan here on SME Connect. more
  • Member Spotlight: Teresa Rinker, PhD
    Member Spotlight: Teresa Rinker, PhD
    "I’m proud to be part of SME and the manufacturing community in these challenging times. While we can’t meet in person, SME has been expanding networks and tools in the virtual space. I look forward to navigating the rest of 2020 and continuing to virtually participate in SME." Teresa Rinker, PhD, Senior Researcher, Manufacturing Systems Research ... more
  • Member Spotlight: Kyle Riegel
    Member Spotlight: Kyle Riegel
    “As an undergrad, I was introduced to my member benefits by joining the Dubuque Iowa Chapter. These benefits included gaining the opportunity to better educate me in the manufacturing realm and networking with local engineers. This helps prepare oneself for the engineering world of technical and social skills, each being of vital importance.”     ... more
  • Member Spotlight: Will Sniadack
    Member Spotlight: Will Sniadack
    "After my first chapter meeting, I joined SME with the purpose of learning more about my local manufacturing community and to increase my network. Soon after joining, it quickly became apparent that the benefits of being a part of this organization are unprecedented. I became very active in my local chapter and was able to acquire knowledge and ... more
  • Member Spotlight: Jason Jones, PhD
    Member Spotlight: Jason Jones, PhD
    "Two ways that help me stay energized include interacting with inspiring people and learning lessons from history. My participation in SME helps me with both."  Jason Jones, PhD, Co-Founder and CEO, Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies, SME Member Since 2012 Connect with Jason here on SME Connect.   more
  • Member Spotlight: Karl Haapala, PhD
    Member Spotlight: Karl Haapala, PhD
    "SME is a vehicle for educational institutions, industrial companies and government agencies to work together to narrow these workforce gaps by improving educational opportunities at all levels; creating the technologies of the future that will attract the diverse, next-generation workforce; and promoting the positive global societal and ... more
  • Member Spotlight: Edye Buchanan, CMfgT
    Member Spotlight: Edye Buchanan, CMfgT
    "Are you mid-career, trying to climb the corporate ladder? Involvement in SME can provide professional development, recognition and leadership training to build your resume and add to your list of accomplishments. Serving as a volunteer leader on the Member Council, a committee or the SME Board of Directors can give you the confidence you need to ... more
  • Member Spotlight: Lou Dorworth
    Member Spotlight: Lou Dorworth
    "As a longtime volunteer myself, I can attest to the value, education and awesome network of resources I've gained through my involvement with SME." Louis C. “Lou” Dorworth, Direct Services Manager, Abaris Training Resources Inc., SME Member Since 1997 Connect with Lou here on SME Connect. more
  • Member Spotlight: Simin Nasseri, PhD
    Member Spotlight: Simin Nasseri, PhD
    "As a faculty advisor, I am grateful for the opportunity to mentor my student chapter officers and help them grow from their experiences. I have connected them to the industry professionals we meet through tours and research projects, and they have successfully obtained internships and positions. These students are maintaining their memberships ... more
  • Member Spotlight: Jacob Rahdarian
    Member Spotlight: Jacob Rahdarian
    "Professional membership with SME has since evolved into so much more than merely a means to get a discount on an exam, it has been integral in my professional development and an accelerant with respect to my career growth." Jacob Rahdarian, CMfgE, Account Executive, Navasota Industrial Supply, and Chair-Elect, Houston Chapter 29, SME Member Since ... more
  • Member Spotlight: Othello Collins
    Member Spotlight: Othello Collins
    "I just wanted to acknowledge and recognize the great work you do each day compiling and sharing all the current and latest and very vital information pertaining to the industry [in SME Daily Executive Briefing]. I have really enjoyed reading these articles every morning. It serves as a roadmap in knowing the current state of affairs of the different ... more
  • Member Spotlight: Melissa Dochter
    Member Spotlight: Melissa Dochter
    "When my student membership was about to expire, I knew I couldn’t afford to pay the full cost. As a great surprise to me, 2012 SME President LaRoux Gillespie sponsored my membership through SME's Emerging Professionals program. His generosity is one of the reasons I'm still with SME today." Melissa Dochter, OEM Business Development − Kaman ... more