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John Sheriff
I sent out an email via to ask for best times and date.  If you didn't receive an email from ...
John Sheriff Mar '24
John Howell
Fall 2023 SAE Mississippi Valley Tour Invite.pdf
John Howell Oct '23
John Sheriff
Would there be interest in touring Bridgestone/Firestone?  I have the plant managers assistant's contact ...
John Sheriff Aug '23
Kaylinn Willson
Hi all, and happy new year! If you did not receive the email from me regarding the January 2023 events, please reach ...
Kaylinn Willson Jan '23
Kaylinn Willson
Hello everyone!  You hopefully received this information in an email from me, but if not - please fill ou the survey ...
Kaylinn Willson Nov '22
John Howell
Hi, All, Is this still a go for the 23rd  at 5PM.
John Howell Sep '21
Kaylinn Willson
Hello friends,  I was looking through the pages (Connect and Facebook) and realized they are very bare. Do you have ...
Kaylinn Willson Aug '21
Harry Mundt
Please review the attached file for the upcoming Joint Section meeting.  Everyone is encouraged to attend.
Harry Mundt Sep '19
John Howell
Hello Fellow Members We had a Great Conversation and Greeting of the 2019 Chair For SME 80 . The meeting was at ...
John Howell Dec '18
John Howell
hi all This event is a go . Can I get reservations processed through SME 80 ? if so what is the contact information so I ...
John Howell Oct '18