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UPDATE: I passed the Silver exam! Thanks for the exam prep tips! 


I am preparing for the Lean Silver exam and wanted to see if anyone can share their experience with the exam. I can't find any sample questions online or mention of the exam anywhere, which feels so strange to me. There is plenty online regarding the Bronze exam, but nothing on Silver. Any thoughts/advice would be great!!

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Jeff Fuchs
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I'm on the Lean Certification Oversight Committee and saw your post. Dianna has pointed you to the right resource page.  The Lean Body of Knowledge (BoK) document shows the percentage breakdown of questions on the Sliver Exam devoted to each topic area. This should help you focus your studies. Other documents (the Essential Body of Work, Blueprint, and Competency and Behavior Model) further describe what a candidate should know and be competent in, and these can help you tune your study, as well. Personally, I think the BoK is the simplest to use for study prep.

Also, it may help to know that every exam question derives from the Core Reference Material books. So, as you study them, I suggest pausing every chapter and asking, "If I were assessing a person's knowledge of this chapter, what questions might I ask?" All questions were written to evaluate the knowledge, application, and judgment of a candidate, and must have a specific page or section reference. This should also explain why exam questions are not publicly posted: There are only so many well-researched questions that you derive from a finite number of high quality reference books.

I hope this helps. Best of luck on your personal lean journey!


Dianna Helka
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@Lisa Callender You're welcome. I'm tagging @Jeff Fuchs to see if he can offer you some insight and assistance.

Thanks, @Dianna Helka! I am scheduled to take the exam in a few weeks and am hoping to learn from others who have already taken it. For example, there was a wealth of information when I prepped for my PMP and ASQ Black Belt exams, and people to talk to. However, that doesn't seem to be the case for the Silver exam, so thought I'd see if anyone in this forum has taken it. 

Dianna Helka
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@Lisa Callender Thank you for posting your questions on SME Connect. Below is a link to the Lean Certification page on SME.org https://www.sme.org/training/lean-certification/lean-silver-certification/. There are sections for “Helpful Links," which might be of assistance to you. If you're still unable to locate the desired content, please email certification@sme.org or post an additional question here, and I'll be happy to help you.

Thank you again!