Panel Discussion with experts on People Development through Lean Certification
Hey fellow Lean Leaders!   On Sept. 28th you are invited to an AME virtual panel discussion/speed chat on People Development through Lean Certification.  Three panelists with dozens of combined years of lean experience and a moderator will discuss the value of lean certification in helping to develop a consistent lean culture, where associates at all levels are valued and engaged in effectively improving customer value and business systems and processes.  This discussion will be followed with time for your questions in breakout rooms with each panelist.  Here is the link more information on the event:

Hope to see some of you there!
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Happy to help Greg and thanks for suggesting the webinar to him and for supporting his certification journey.   

Thanks Pat,
Appreciate your taking Greg under your "Gold" wing (not to be confused with the Honda motorcycle).  Greg and I have been chatting on LinkedIn about LBC and he is very serious about getting his LBC.
What great advice.

Yes, great point, it does!  If you plan to write a Silver portfolio in the future, you should think about all your projects and which make more sense for bronze and which make more sense for silver.  You can't double dip (i.e. write up the same projects for bronze as you do for silver).  

Just to be clear, if you feel you are ready, you can go right to the Silver exam and portfolio and avoid taking the Bronze test and writing a bronze Portfolio.   That is for you to determine and where the documents such as competencies and behaviors downloadable from the website can help you to decide what level makes sense for you at this time. 

Good afternoon again Pat,

I have been thinking about Point No. 7.  Does it make any sense to "save" project specifically targeting further development for the Silver level?  In other words, use entry-level efforts for the Bronze and more-comprehensive work for the Silver?   

I'm sure I'll have more questions for the community.  My 3-year Knowledge Certificate will expire in November.

Just read your other post--sorry, pulled the trigger too fast and now realize you are pursuing bronze!  

Some things to consider:
1. Your portfolio should be what you consider your 3 most meaningful projects, ones that show you have the ability to work with different lean tools.  For example, it would not be good if all 3 projects talked about how you implemented 5S as the reviewers might wonder if know how to implement other lean tools?
2. Some of the best portfolio stories I've read talk about things learned when everything did not go perfectly--something all lean practitioners know to be the case.
3. Answer the questions posed on the PF form and avoid copy/paste between projects.
4. Talk about what YOU did, not what the company or the team did.  The portfolio is about you and your lean capabilities so even though it feels a bit unusual for a humble lean practitioner, you need to put the focus on your skills/capabilities and contributions made during the projects you choose to write up.
5. Spell and grammar check before sending it in.  
6. Be succinct but don't be too general, especially when speaking about what changed or what results were achieved.  Things like "people were happier" or "the production line had fewer errors" need to be stronger.  Perhaps things like "we got 20% more ideas in the six months after the event I led on problem solving" or "First pass yield increased to 90% from 75% after I worked with the team to implement Standardized Work." are much more powerful for reviewers.  
7. Your projects don't all have to be recent but they should also not all be from many years ago.  Reviewers like to see the candidate has been actively practicing lean for a time frame that is reasonable for the level being applied for.  

If you have other questions, let me know.  Good luck!
Thank you to David Harry for letting me know about this event.  I have been looking to network with the lean community as I want to complete my LBC portfolio at my earliest convenience.

The panel team and moderator is set already, but really appreciate the offer.  Hope you are able to attend.   

Hi Pat,

I am free on Sept 28th after 10:00 AM EDT.
If that works, I would be happy to assist by hosting or participating in a panel for SME.

Best regards, 

David A. Harry, PMP®CSSBB LBC SCM®
The Process Whisperer®
Greeneville, TN 

540-220-6414 (Mobile)

Here's the link:

Time is 12:30 to 2 pm CENTRAL time.  I think it is shown near the top of page. 

Hope you are able to attend.

Pat,  I see the link for the People Development through lean certification in your post, however it does not have anything about time.  Is there another link to register?  
What a great opportunity! 

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