Panel Discussion with experts on People Development through Lean Certification
Hey fellow Lean Leaders!   On Sept. 28th you are invited to an AME virtual panel discussion/speed chat on People Development through Lean Certification.  Three panelists with dozens of combined years of lean experience and a moderator will discuss the value of lean certification in helping to develop a consistent lean culture, where associates at all levels are valued and engaged in effectively improving customer value and business systems and processes.  This discussion will be followed with time for your questions in breakout rooms with each panelist.  Here is the link more information on the event:

Hope to see some of you there!
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The panel team and moderator is set already, but really appreciate the offer.  Hope you are able to attend.   

Hi Pat,

I am free on Sept 28th after 10:00 AM EDT.
If that works, I would be happy to assist by hosting or participating in a panel for SME.

Best regards, 

David A. Harry, PMP®CSSBB LBC SCM®
The Process Whisperer®
Greeneville, TN 

540-220-6414 (Mobile)

Here's the link:

Time is 12:30 to 2 pm CENTRAL time.  I think it is shown near the top of page. 

Hope you are able to attend.

Pat,  I see the link for the People Development through lean certification in your post, however it does not have anything about time.  Is there another link to register?  
What a great opportunity!