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Pleased to inform that I am leading Lean implementation in our companies in SEAP (South East Asia Pacific). The countries included are Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, and Australia.  The social side and the technical side of the implementation as usual will be deeply  influenced by the culture prevailing in the countries and the maturity of the existing systems.  Would be great to hear from anyone who has been into such implementation in these countries. Even if there are experiences from other countries, it would be worth knowing and understanding. 
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Thank you Raymond Kelly‍   I appreciate the reminder that the change agent must be a facilitator and teacher, not simply swoop in with best practices and ready made solutions from the last engagement.  That is the kind of leadership I aspire to develop through practice.  It sounds like you have to help teams own not only the changes but ultimately the process of changing itself.
Couldn't agree more Ray.  Very well put.  In Asean, the culture could work as a catalyst if we can manage to keep the employees positively engaged and remain grounded with them without making the whole stuff unnecessarily overwhelming. 

The point on continuous process controls also is a key element.
Hi Justice,

Sustainment is the most difficult part of a transformation whether by a consultant or internal staff. 

Also, many consultants want to get the superficial gains via the Hawthorne Effect; i.e. get their cash & run. Been there, done that; with the large firms. 

Lean transformations work when you forget the fluff and go for creating a sound base; and sustainment through visual management and solid process controls. 

And the more engagement that you get from the staff being changed and them taking ownership of the transformation will go a long way to creating sustainment. The consultant will have to lose some of the ego (invented here stuff). A good consultant must be a great facilitator (getting the right things done with the staff feeling they accomplished it). 

I hope that helps you. 

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Hi Raymond,
I'm not the OP, but based on your experience, I'd be interested in your perspective on the following: How do you tell if leader bringing you in for a transformation will actually succeed with Lean beyond your engagement?

I haven't seen very many Lean transformations in my experience but what I've observed is that the leaders bring in consultants to change their people but if they don't change themselves, it won't last.
I am an American; lived in Asia for 20-years; done Lean Transformation in all those countries except Australia. I’ve actually completed about 100 Transformational projects for ~50 clients; almost exclusively in South East Asia (20+ countries. 

I was the Lean Subject Matter Expert for Lean for Deloitte Consulting (Big 4  firm) for 9-years then had my own consultancy. 

I was Director, Operational Excellence for American Fortune 25 company in Thailand (3-years). Medical Device.

I was Enterprise Lean Six Sigma Country Manager for American Fortune 1000 company in the Philippines. 2-years, electronic component manufacturer. 

What specific questions do you have?  You can contact me at


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