Seeking professional participation with UofSC Student Chapter: Tours, Presentations, Webinars


I am Zackary Gann the President of UofSC's Student Chapter S377. The organization on campus was having a hard time staying alive through COVID-19 from spring 2020 to spring 2021, as the things that attracted students and their involvement was non-existent. Tours and physical accounts being able to see manufacturing in practice while being able to network was very hard to do during the peak of COVID-19. I took the role of President to keep the chapter alive as SME was a huge part of what made me more passionate about my future and I knew I could establish a means of getting a future class together to carry the torch as I am leaving December of 2022. As this fall semester comes into full swing, I am looking for any available manufacturers or companies that would be open to giving a presentation, a tour, or a webinar of what professionals and manufacturing leaders do in SC to our next generation of SME.

Our Chapter has been able to achieve tours with FN Herstal and PCM this October and Chris Duchaine leading a Webinar with us in November, but I am looking for more involvement to build the chapter and develop interest to get the chapter to full strength again. 

If this interests you, please don't feel afraid to reach out to me. I am available from 7:00am to 12:00pm & any time after 6:00pm everyday. 

Very Respectfully,

Zackary Gann
President SME Chapter S377
Mechanical Engineering UofSC


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