Upcoming April 2020 Chapter Meeting for SME Chapter 430
April 2020 - Chapter Meeting / Webinar 
April 29th 6:00pm - 7:30pm on Zoom

SME Webinar: Engineering Systems on a Private Cloud

In this webinar Advance2000 will present the benefits of running your engineering business in a private cloud. Imagine having all the resources you need to create your designs on a virtual desktop sitting in a data center. Until recently, engineering applications were too graphics heavy and bandwidth was too low to be able to run on a remote, virtual desktop. Now you can run on a laptop, a tablet, or even your smart phone to access client designs from any location. The following topics/benefits will be discussed in more detail and Chris will also fire up a cloud desktop during this webinar so we can see it live.
1. Introductions
2. Private Cloud: What is the big deal?
3. How to kill many birds with one stone: Workstation computational power, real-time collaboration, data growth and protection, Infrastructure Consolidation, Engineering applications, full mobility, IT automation, business continuity, improved security, rendering/animation farms
4. Economics of a private cloud
5. How to begin/migration strategies

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Event listing on SME: https://connect.sme.org/communities/events/item/30/33/832

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