Prevent Supply Chain Disruption

How are you preventing disruption in your organization?

📌 Are you addressing the problem or placing a 🩹 on it?

📌 Are you talking to all departments and team members to get true data?

📌 When was the last time you took a deep ive and listened?

📌 How are you communicating?

📌 What If.....💭

Stoping looking the other way and go to the problem. This is the only way to create a solution.

#supplychainmanagment #supplychaindisruptions #transparencymatters


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Thank you for sharing Melissa. We're seeing adaptive challenges on the distribution side due to the increasing volatility of supply chains. You'll be pleased to know that we forged an alliance with the ASCM Houston Chapter late last year, and hope to host an event with them in 2022. Will let you know!

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