SME Chapter 233 - Technical Talk Event at West Covina High School

SME Chapter 233  conducted a technical talk event on Monday, Feb 13th, 2023 at the West Covina High School. The topic of the talk was "Industrial Quality and Statistics for Modern Manufacturing Sector - From the Perspective of a Manufacturing Expert". The speaker was Mr. Bob Matthew and event was conducted by chapter chair Sagil James, Ph.D. 

The focus of the talk was on how to make manufacturing technology more vibrant, leading to make quality products for a reduced cost, without any risk. The talk also focused on teaching and training our growing younger generation on the fundamentals of quality and manufacturing, and how to tailor them together to get quality products consistently. Lastly, the talk shed light on how to remove the red tapes or roadblocks that is hindering the manufacturing creativity and growth.

The event was attended by several high school students, college students, industry professionals, and educators in the Southern California region. Thanks to the West Covina HS Robotics Instructor, Mr. Manny Parras, the attendees were able to tour the excellent manufacturing facility and robotics project building area at the West Covina School. The West Covina HS students also demonstrated the functioning of their ongoing robotics project prototypes.


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