Presentation Slides on Transformational Quality Management System and Industrial Statistics - Bob Matthew (SME Chapter 233 Member & President, Quality Engineering Management Inc)
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Bob Matthew
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Thank you Professor Sagil James for posting the slides, Transformational Quality Management System and Industrial Statistics. These are the two powerful technological knowledge helpful for the manufacturing professionals to do their creative work to bring quality products to the market/customers. Idea of placing these slides on the SME Chapter site is the bring the powerful new knowledge to the manufacturing engineering students and to the industries currently suffering from the clutches of Statistical demons trying to sell their number game tactices to the industries. It has been proven that statistics would not work in the real area of manufacturing technology. 
Transformational Quality Management System and Industrial Statistics should go hand in hand, to tailor quality into the manufacturing process that delivers quality products consistently. This is a game changer a new technology to bring the manufacturing excellence to the world by example. Cost savings are huge, cuts short all unwanted processes to optimize process. 
Go for second party certification that is very economical and deals with the customers directly, ISO certification has proven nothing, only thing is that our industries are bound with ISO group and feed them our hard-earned money without any tangible benefits.
My friends, no fear, take a bold step to implement this system on a small project to see the benefits and implement in large projects. I am willing to go to your place and walk you through the process to show you the success.
Thank you.

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