Officer Installation 2020

Chapter 233 held its official Officer Installation Dinner on January 17th at Macaroni Grill in Cerritos. In attendance were students and faculty from ELAC, CSUF, LBCC and CSUN. Additionally the entire Board of 233 was in attendance.

Bill Somsak and his lovely bride were also in attendance. We began on a somber note recognizing the passing of our wonderful friend and SME stalwart, Ron MacIver who passed away earlier in 2019. We spoke of Ron as an advocate for SME and as a good friend. We raised our glasses to Ron.

The next order of business was to pass along a message to our Master of Ceremonies, Gary Pangelina. The message was from SME Headquarters. It said, Gary, SME wishes to recognize you and thank you for 50  years of continuous membership in SME and you have earned our status of Member for Life!”. A lovely letter as well as certificate was delivered to Gary in front of 30 plus attendees (a very packed room).

Bill Somsak is another SME Life Member and he has graciously attended all of our Installation Ceremonies, administering the oath of office to each new years Board for 233 and he did so on this occasion as well.

It was a lovely evening and great to see all of us in one place at the same time.

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