SME Chapter S379 COVID-19 Relief

SME Chapter S379 COVID-19 Relief

Hello everyone,

Current student members of the SME Chapter S379 have been working on several projects in response to COVID-19. 

Their first project was completed on April 21. They collectively 3D Printed and shipped 45 ventilator splitters (30 quad and 15 dual) to the Colorado Makers Unite office in Phoenix, AZ.
Colorado Makers Unite is a company that took it upon themselves to distribute the materials to hospitals in need all over the US. 
Their second project is providing PPE (3D printed face masks, ear guards and laser cut face shields) 
that will be donated to:
  • Local First Responders
  • Essential Workers
  • Hospitals Staff
  • Senior Community Staff

For more information visit their GoFundMePage, you can also contact them at




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